Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Strength & Conditioning Sessions

New Block of Strength & Conditioning Sessions with David Fitzpatrick – Monday the 8th of November at 6:30pm.

The block is 6 weeks long and will consist of only Monday sessions. However, it is not necessary to do all 6 weeks. There are are ticket sales for either individual days or for the entire block.

Mondays – 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of October, and 6th and 13th of December.

Each session will be approximately 45 minutes in length. Monday’s session will be starting at the slighltly earlier time of 6.30pm.

These sessions are open to anyone, not just runners, but the sessions will be tailored towards getting stronger, more robust for running and exercising and general injury prevention. If you own or have access to equipment then great bring it along. If not do not worry just bring with you anything at all you can that can add an extra challenge to the workout. Examples of this could be a bag pack full of clothes or books or a mixture, a bag of potatoes etc.