Resolution Run 5k – Saturday 1st January 2022

The Resolution Run is a famous 5k race which has been on the go in Galway since 2010. The event is a fundraiser for sport in Galway, particular athletics, via its organisers Galway City Harriers and Galway Athletics.

The Resolution Run 2022 is a fast and flat 5K road race that takes place on January 1st at 10:30am. The course routes through the City Centre, from the Claddagh, passing Wolfe Tone Bridge , Merchants Road and the Docks, and routing back out to Grattan Road and the Prom before a fast finish along South park into the finish at Nimmos Pier. The route passes most of the city’s famous landmarks along the way.

The race is AAI certified and entry fee of €20 includes a souvenir limited bobble hat. Race HQ is Claddagh Hall area. The route is suitable for runners and walkers of all abilities.

Please note that there will be no changing facilities or showers available. Roads will not be closed for the event, however there will be either marshals or Guards at all junctions to ensure your safety!

Resolution Run 5k – Monday 1st January 2024

The Resolution Run is a famous 5k race which has been on the go in Galway since 2010. The event is a fundraiser for sport in Galway, particular athletics, via its organisers Galway City Harriers and Galway Athletics.

The Resolution Run 2024 is a fast and flat 5K road race that takes place on January 1st at 10:30am. The course routes through the City Centre, from the Claddagh, passing Wolfe Tone Bridge , Merchants Road and the Docks, and routing back out to Grattan Road and the Prom before a fast finish along South park into the finish at Nimmos Pier. The route passes most of the city’s famous landmarks along the way.

The race is AAI certified and entry fee includes a souvenir limited bobble hat. Race HQ is Claddagh Hall area. The route is suitable for runners and walkers of all abilities. Roads will not be closed for the event, however there will be either marshals or Guards at all junctions to ensure your safety!

Resolution Run Galway Map

Resolution Run Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the 2024 Resolution Run 5K.

You can see all the results here

Many thanks to everyone who supported the event.

Membership for 2024 is now open

2024 membership galway city harriers

You can join or renew your membership here:

Current members are paid up until the 31st December 2023. 2024 Membership goes from now until the 31st December 2024.

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GCH Seniors Membership 2024

Senior Membership Queries:

Senior rates include the €20 Athletics Ireland affiliation fee for each athlete which includes insurance.

The rates remain the same as 2023 with the introduction of a Concession rate for students under 23 and OAPs over 65.

GCH Juveniles Membership 2024

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Juvenile rates include the €15 Athletics Ireland affiliation fee for each athlete which includes insurance.

The rates have had a small increase to assist in covering the rise in the cost of competition entries and track rental.


UPCOMING EVENTS: Note Galway County Senior/Master Championships Entry deadline is this Friday 15th September. Event takes place on September 23rd.

Saturday September 16th. Castlegar Cross Country Open – All Ages and Connacht Senior League Leg 1. Venue: Galway Racecourse. Note that Connacht League Leg 1 entry has closed.
Entry to Castlegar AC Open xc still available online, limited entry on the day.

Saturday September 23rd. Galway Cross Country Championships – Even ages and Galway County Senior/Master Championships. Venue: Galway Racecourse.
Note: County Senior/Master entries close this Friday 15th September at pm. Entry via club competitions secretary.

Saturday October 7th
Galway Cross Country Championships – Uneven ages. Venue: Bushfield, Loughrea

Sunday October 15th. National Autumn Open Cross Country. Venue: Abbottstown.
Entry online via AAI Competitions.

Sunday October 22nd
Connacht Cross Country Championships – Even ages and Connacht Senior League Leg 2.
Venue: Westport. GCH Senior League entry via GCH club Competition Secretary

Sunday November 5th
Connacht Cross Country Championships – Uneven ages and Connacht Senior League Leg 3.
Venue: Sligo. GCH Senior League entry via GCH club Competition Secretary.

Sunday November 19th
National Senior/Junior & even ages Cross Country Championships.
Venue: Gowran Demesne. GCH Sen/Junior entry via GCH Competition Secretary.

Sunday December 3rd
National Novice & uneven ages Cross Country Championships.
Venue TBC. GCH Novice entry via GCH Competitions Secretary.

Please Note: For Connacht Senior League athletes must indicate which category they are competing in for the Connacht League. Novice, Senior or Master.
Entries for Leg 2 & 3 of the League may close up to ten days in advance of the event.
National entry has a standard cut-off date 10-12 days before the event. Please ensure your entry is submitted well in advance.

GCH Members entries to

Registered Runners Updated – 2023 Blackrock Health Galway Clinic Streets of Galway 8K

Streets of Galway Registered Runners

Blackrock Health Galway Clinic Streets of Galway ONLINE registered runners to date 7th August 2023

Search by name or team to check if you are registered for this years Blackrock Health Galway Clinic Streets of Galway 8k road race. Enter your name or club exactly as you entered it when registering.

Streets of Galway start

Please note, we do not make changes on race day so make sure you are registered with us. Your registration may not have been processed if you have only recently registered with us.

You can also download the list of Registered Runners as a PDF (portable document format) file for easy distribution or printing.

Abbott, EdelFEMALE1541F45
Abbott, GeorgeMALE1540M40
Abramczuk, PatrycjaFEMALE1657F40
Adams, DevinFEMALE2003Senior Women
Ahern, ThereseFEMALE742F60Ennis Track A.C.
Ainley, AndyMALE1929M40
Aird, AileenFemale2781Senior Women
Alanazi, MansuorMale2415Senior Men
Alisauskiene, NeringaFEMALE1766F40
Allen, MarkMALE2229M45
Allerta, Gian PieroMALE1479M50Crusaders A.C.
Alliot, SibealFEMALE1334Senior Women
Ambrozkova, KatarinaFemale2307F40
Andersen, EmmaFEMALE1194Senior Women
Anderson, PeterMALE55M40
Andrade, JairMALE2257Senior Men
Andricic, MarinaFEMALE671F45
Andricic, MilanMALE672M45
Andringa, JikkeFEMALE232Senior Women
Anglim, JohnMale2888M40
Anthony, DavidMALE892M45
Anthony, LiamMALE891Senior Men
Antweiler, KathrinFEMALE296F45Tuam A.C.
Anuse, SantoshMale2596M40
Aranda, TamaraFEMALE2670Senior WomenCOPE
Armstrong, AnnaFEMALE1966Senior Women
Armstrong, FrankMALE372Senior Men
Arnold, KieranMALE244M45
Arrigan, NualaFEMALE2063F50
Ashton, PeterMALE1021M60
Attwood, BettyFEMALE2012Senior Women
Austin, BarryMALE2035M55
Bagnall, ChloeFEMALE952Senior Women
Barber, AineFEMALE1832Senior Women
Barrett, AlanMALE1630Senior Men
Barrett, BrianMALE1080Senior Men
Barrett, BryanMALE200Senior Men
Barrett, DavidMale2444M50Loughrea A.C.
Barrett, GaryMALE999M50
Barrett, JohnMale3036M70
Barrett, LeeMALE1924Senior Men
Barrett, OisinMALE1000Senior Men
Barrett, RhianFemale2488Senior Women
Barrett, RichieMALE1186Senior Men
Barrett, SeanMale3001M40East Galway A.C.
Barrett, SeanMale3029M50
Barros, AngelicaFemale2785Senior Women
Barry, AnneleneFEMALE328F55
Barry, ClaireFemale3100Senior Women
Barry, HaileyFemale3101Junior Women
Basic, IvanMale2332Senior Men
Baskirova, AleksandraFemale2306Senior Women
Basquill, LauraFemale2363Senior WomenAthenry A.C.
Beades, LauraFEMALE869F45
Beattie, RosaleenFEMALE1829F45Craughwell A.C.
Begley, OrlaFEMALE2190F55
Begley, ShaneMALE1662M40
Beirne, EmmaFEMALE1282Senior Women
Beirne, GenevieveFEMALE1077F40
Beirne, PattiannFEMALE737F50Maree A.C
Beltman, MarijkeFemale2324F40
Bennett, JohnMale2570M70Ferbane A.C.
Bennett, ShaunaFemale2951Senior Women
Bergin, MariaFemale2746Senior Women
Berkovich, GilMale3112M50
Berzins, IngusMale2981M40
Bica, Ana MariaFemale3110Senior Women
Biezunska, MonikaFEMALE508F45
Biggins, LeanneFEMALE1661Senior Women
Bijou, DidierMale3044M45
Bink, StefanMALE2261M50
Birmingham, EithneFEMALE2024F55South Galway A.C.
Bisso, AlessandroMALE1123M50
Blade, AliceFEMALE2658Senior WomenCOPE
Blade, EoinMALE2663Senior MenCOPE
Blanchard, MauraFEMALE2079F55
Bligh, JohnMALE2072M55Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Blondelot, CassiaFemale2869Senior Women
Bluett, GavinMale2350Senior MenCastlegar A.C.
Bogan, GerFEMALE1376F45
Bogan, GillianFEMALE1962F40
Bohan, MargaretFEMALE502F50
Bohan, SarahFEMALE1728Senior Women
Boland, BrendanMale2688M40
Bolton, DarraghMALE339Senior Men
Booth, BarryMALE778M45
Bourke, CrystalFEMALE1976F40
Bourke, DylanMALE357Senior Men
Bourke, EimearFEMALE699Senior Women
Bouwhuis, DeanMale2468Senior Men
Boyle, AoifeFEMALE858Senior Women
Boyle, BrianMALE1817M45
Boyle, DavidMALE253Senior Men
Boyle, ElaineFEMALE1261F50
Boyle, GrainneMALE1908Senior Men
Boyle, MichelleFEMALE1578Senior Women
Boyle, StiofánMALE344Senior Men
Bradish, MarkMALE1714Senior Men
Bradley, BarbaraFEMALE2116F50
Bradley, CarolineFEMALE1852F55
Brady, DiarmuidMale2784Junior Men
Brady, JennyFEMALE2146Junior Women
Brady, Kelly-AnnFEMALE715Senior Women
Brady, KeriFEMALE259Senior Women
Brady, MarkMALE278M40
Brady, PhilipMALE2130M55
Brady, SéamusMALE2147M45
Brady, SeanMale2783M50
Brammeld, PhilMale2808M45
Brannigan, JamesMALE589Senior Men
Brannigan, MaebhFEMALE1443Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Bray, NiamhFEMALE2019F50Maree A.C
Brazil, LauraFEMALE273F45
Breen, ConorMALE991Senior Men
Breen, EamonnMALE1981M40
Breen, MarkMALE988M40
Breen, MarkMALE2117M55
Breen, ThomasMALE124M40
Brennan, CathrionaFEMALE612F45Metro/St. Brigid's A.C.
Brennan, DavidMALE593Senior Men
Brennan, DeclanMALE2225Senior Men
Brennan, MaeliosaFemale2578F55
Brennan, MichelleFemale2575Senior Women
Brennan, PatrickMALE233Senior Men
Brennan, PeterMALE614Junior Men
Brennan, SarahFEMALE1909Senior Women
Brennan, SophieFemale2579Senior Women
Brennan, TonyMALE613M50Metro/St. Brigid's A.C.
Brennan, WalterMALE1015M45East Galway A.C.
Broderick, CaoimhinMale2988Senior Men
Broderick, SonyaFEMALE1635F45Athenry A.C.
Bronkhorst, WickusMALE2260Senior Men
Brook, GemmaFEMALE539Senior Women
Brophy, JoannaFEMALE547F40
Brown, AlasdairMale2684Senior MenDonore Harriers A.C.
Brown, JamesMALE1674M40
Browne, EvelynFemale2933Senior Women
Browne, LauraFEMALE1764F40
Browne, LauraFEMALE2667F40COPE
Browne, MarieFemale2950Senior Women
Browne, PhyllisFEMALE1487F70Star of the Sea A.C.
Browne, ShaneMALE2151Senior Men
Browne, SharonFemale2730Senior Women
Bu, JulieFemale2704Senior Women
Buchan, CraigMALE942M40
Buchan, MarieFEMALE941F40
Buckley, DavidMALE1420M50
Buckley, LindaFEMALE702F40
Buckley, MeghanFEMALE805Senior Women
Bugler, GemmaFEMALE1356Senior Women
Bugler, PatrickMALE989M55
Burke, AishlingFEMALE337Senior Women
Burke, AnnetteFEMALE1341F50
Burke, CathyFEMALE1073F50
Burke, ChristinaFEMALE2284F45
Burke, ClaireFEMALE1179F40
Burke, ClaireFEMALE1391Senior Women
Burke, DanielMALE909Senior Men
Burke, DanielMale3080Senior Men
Burke, DarrenMALE1111Senior Men
Burke, DeclanMALE2619M50Boston Scientific
Burke, EimearFemale2368Senior Women
Burke, EvaFEMALE1313Junior WomenTuam A.C.
Burke, GeraldineFEMALE1338F60
Burke, KimFEMALE1535Senior Women
Burke, LydiaFEMALE410Senior Women
Burke, MalachyMALE75M40
Burke, MartinMALE720M45
Burke, PadraigMALE2204M45
Burke, ParaicMALE1707Senior Men
Burke, PatMALE2267M55
Burke, PeadarMale2369M45
Burke, RichardMALE1774Senior Men
Burke, RionaFEMALE405F40
Burke, RoisinFemale2582F50
Burke, SaraFEMALE144Senior Women
Burke, SeanMALE1295M50Tuam A.C.
Burke, SinéadFEMALE1100Senior Women
Burke, TaraFEMALE542Senior Women
Burke, ThomasMale2798Senior Men
Butler Thornton, EoinMALE960Senior Men
Butler Thornton, NiamhFEMALE938Senior Women
Butler, DarrenMALE606Senior Men
Butler, EimearFEMALE306Senior Women
Butler, GemmaFEMALE837Senior Women
Butler, GerryMALE1629M65
Butler, MaryFEMALE728F55Athlone A.C.
Butler, MaryFEMALE1944F55Athlone A.C.
Byrne, AidanMALE1189Senior Men
Byrne, BrendanMALE1631M65
Byrne, CaitrionaFEMALE2250F40
Byrne, CiaraFemale2347F40Athenry A.C.
Byrne, CiaranMALE1520Senior Men
Byrne, ColmMALE1116M45East Galway A.C.
Byrne, DavidMALE1469Senior Men
Byrne, DavidMALE2050M40
Byrne, DavidMale2407M50
Byrne, DeniseFEMALE2650F40RDJ
Byrne, HannahFEMALE262Senior Women
Byrne, IrisFEMALE335F45
Byrne, JasonMale3116M50
Byrne, JasperMale2736Senior Men
Byrne, LetyFEMALE1621Senior Women
Byrne, MaireadFEMALE236Senior Women
Byrne, MiriamFEMALE57F50
Byrne, SeanMALE1620Senior Men
Byrne, TanyaFEMALE1183F45
Byrne, ThereseFEMALE1117F40East Galway A.C.
Cabry, ElaineFEMALE1260F50
Cahalan, MaeveFEMALE828Senior Women
Cahill, AislingFEMALE980Senior Women
Cahill, BryanMALE366M40Galway City Harriers A.C.
Cahill, JoeMALE1651M40Craughwell A.C.
Cahill, MarkMALE1351M45Birr A.C.
Cahill, RoisinFEMALE1233Senior Women
Cahill, RóisínFEMALE1340Senior Women
Calabrese, GinaFEMALE1407Senior Women
Callaghan, AdrianMALE106M50Letterkenny A.C.
Callaghan, DerekMALE1421M40
Callaghan, PatriciaFEMALE149F50
Callan, GarethMALE1303Senior Men
Callan, JimMALE111M70
Callanan, CiaraFEMALE628Senior Women
Callanan, ClaireFEMALE1713F45
Calleja, TxetxuMALE1045M60
Callinan, MaryFemale3035F55
Camon, TimMale3104M60Ferbane A.C.
Campbell, AnnaFEMALE1990Senior Women
Campbell, AoifeFEMALE185Senior Women
Campbell, CiaraFEMALE984Senior Women
Campbell, JackMALE1236Senior Men
Campbell, JamesMALE183M40
Campbell, KarenFEMALE467F40
Campbell, LauraFEMALE182Senior Women
Canavan, TeresaFemale3106F50Craughwell A.C.
Canney, JoannaFemale3055F40
Canning, TaraFEMALE1150F50
Cannon, AoifeFEMALE824F50
Cannon, BernadetteFEMALE1048F60
Cannon, DanielMALE1182Senior Men
Cannon, EugeneMALE1047M60
Cannon, MaryFemale2364F50
Cannon, RossMALE642Senior Men
Cano-Lopez, AmeliaFEMALE2049Senior Women
Carbiener, KatieFemale2842Senior Women
Carey, CiaraFEMALE766F40
Carey, DeborahFEMALE1174Senior Women
Carey, JohnMALE1321M50
Carey, MariaFEMALE2111F45Ennis Track A.C.
Carmody, PaídíMALE1933Senior Men
Carney, AdrianMALE142M50
Carney, AdrianMALE624M50
Carolan, KatieFEMALE2118Senior Women
Carr, EddieMALE1133M50
Carr, KevinMALE915Senior Men
Carr, MichaelMALE2627M55Boston Scientific
Carr, MichelleFEMALE2274F50
Carr, RachelFEMALE1134Junior Women
Carr, StephenMALE2607Senior MenBoston Scientific
Carrig, ConorMALE284Senior Men
Carroll, EoinMALE1941M40
Carroll, EóinMALE300Senior Men
Carroll, Maria 36aFEMALE1759Senior Women
Cartacho, GabrielMALE2145Senior Men
Carter, DamienMALE1701Senior Men
Carty, EmerFEMALE2258Senior Women
Carty, KevinMale2580M45
Carty, LindaFEMALE661F50
Casanova, AurélienMALE1440M40
Casey, BrianMALE1122M40
Casey, GarrettMALE1585M50St. Finbarrs A.C.
Casey, KimFEMALE848F40
Casey, PatMALE1576M40
Casey, PeterMALE847Senior Men
Casey, RonanMale2802M40
Casserly, AoifeFemale3046Junior Women
Casserly, JohnMale2299M55
Casserly, MichaelMALE1622M40
Casserly, PaulMALE1628Senior MenBlackrock (Dublin) A.C.
Catalano, AndreaMALE804M50Maree A.C
Caulfield, CarolFEMALE248F45
Caulfield, DamienMALE208Senior Men
Cawley Fox, AmieFemale2685Senior Women
Cawley, GarethMale2695Senior Men
Cawley, LouiseFEMALE280F40
Cawley, MartinaFemale2567F40
Cawley, RachelFemale2365Senior Women
Chamberlain, MattMale2812M55
Chan, YvonneFEMALE1681F40
Chawke, JoeMale2549M55Dooneen A.C.
Chen, JiayinFEMALE1980Senior Women
Cheung, DavidMALE1697M45
Chiapponi, MarianneFEMALE1357Senior Women
Church, AnthonyMALE738M60Maree A.C
Clabby, LeoMALE565M45
Clabby, PaulMALE1518M50
Clancy, AlanMALE2006Senior Men
Clancy, AustinMALE750M40
Clancy, CatherineFEMALE1531F50
Clancy, DermotMale2912M40Galway City Harriers A.C.
Clancy, FrankMALE862M55
Clancy, JennieFEMALE749F45
Clancy, JosephMALE1676M50Loughrea A.C.
Clancy, MarcellaFEMALE1505F55
Clancy, NiamhFEMALE535F40
Clarke, BrendanMALE472Senior Men
Clarke, CiaraFemale2494Senior Women
Clarke, JulianneFEMALE2074F55
Clarke, MichaelMALE1917M55
Clarke, PatrickMale3068Senior Men
Clarke, SeanMALE688M45
Clarke, ShaneMALE951M40
Clarken, LisaFEMALE438F40Westport A.C.
Cleary, ColmMALE1581Senior Men
Cleary, MichaelMALE1615Senior Men
Cleary, OllieMALE741M40
Clery, ElisaFEMALE131F45Galway City Harriers A.C.
Clifford, GrahamMALE381M45
Clinton, CiaraFEMALE882Senior Women
Cloonan, AnthonyMALE1586M40
Cloonan, GeraldineFEMALE1587Senior Women
Cloonan, JennyFEMALE856Senior Women
Coakley, DonalMale2319Senior MenLeevale A.C.
Codyre, SarahFEMALE383Junior Women
Codyre, StephenMALE384Junior Men
Coen, LouiseFemale2449Senior Women
Coen, PatrickMALE1804Senior Men
Coffey, Ann MarieFemale2405Senior Women
Coffey, BarryMale2433Senior Men
Coffey, EvelynFEMALE1384Senior Women
Coffey, FergalMALE1365M45
Coffey, LiamMALE1503Senior Men
Coffey, NiamhFEMALE2013F40Craughwell A.C.
Coffey, RichardMALE1502Senior Men
Coimbra, HenriqueMale2877Senior Men
Colbert, Simon-PeterMALE601M40
Coleman, AngelaFEMALE110F40Maree A.C
Coleman, HelenFEMALE1604F50
Coleman, JohnMale3082M45
Coleman, RonanMALE1664M45
Coleman, SineadFemale2531F45
Colleran, EndaMALE198M50
Colleran, GerMALE1690M60
Collins, AedinFemale2949F40
Collins, AnnFEMALE2201F60Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Collins, CiaraFEMALE1069Senior Women
Collins, KelanMALE1912Senior Men
Collins, MichelleFEMALE2285F45
Collins, MichelleFemale2522F40
Collins, OllieMALE1915Senior Men
Collins, PadraicMale3031Senior Men
Collins, PatriciaFEMALE1121F60
Collins, RobMALE2276Senior Men
Collins, SeanMALE543Senior Men
Collins, TonyMALE1607M60Athenry A.C.
Comer, DavidMALE582M45
Comer, FrancisMALE583M70
Comer, MichaelMALE2288M75
Comer, RobertMALE1710Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Comerton, NiallMALE1809M45
Comisky, RachelFEMALE840Senior Women
Commins, EilishFEMALE1380F50
Commins, YvonneFEMALE756F50Craughwell A.C.
Commons, OonaghFemale2898Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Conboy, KieranMALE1164M45
Conboy, MarianFEMALE1802Senior Women
Concannon, BenMALE423Senior Men
Concannon, EvelynFEMALE852F55
Concannon, NicolaFEMALE1075Senior Women
Concannon, PatrickMALE1757Senior Men
Conerney, DerekMALE2097M50
Conerney, RayMALE1288M45
Conlon, EimearFEMALE1124Senior Women
Conlon, NicolaFEMALE107Senior Women
Conlon, PatrickMALE1410Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Conlon, PaulMALE1577Senior Men
Conlon, TomMALE2098M50
Connaughton, AoibhinFEMALE266Senior Women
Connaughton, DerekMALE282M40
Connaughton, FionaFEMALE367F45
Connaughton, HelenFemale2361F45
Connaughton, MargaretFEMALE602F60
Connaughton, NualaFEMALE455F40
Connaughton, PatMALE265M75
Conneely, AlanMALE1066Senior Men
Conneely, CormacMale2913M40
Conneely, KieranMALE1458Senior Men
Conneely, NoelMALE764M40
Conneely, OrlaFEMALE595Senior Women
Conneely, ShaneMALE1729M40
Conneely, SharonFEMALE811F45
Conneely, SineadFEMALE1611F50
Conneely, The NiallMALE2241Senior Men
Conneely, VanessaFemale2450F40
Connell, BryanMALE1119M45
Connell, DavidMALE446Senior Men
Connell, KevinMALE1188Senior Men
Connell, LiamMALE622M45
Connell, MartinaFemale3127F50
Connell, SeanMale2724M40
Connell, SeánMale2542M55
Connell, UltanMale2728M45
Connole, AmandaFEMALE724F45Maree A.C
Connole, JohnMALE1463M40
Connole, JohnMALE1679Senior Men
Connole, ShaneMALE605Senior Men
Connolly, AgataFEMALE1367F40
Connolly, ConorMale2486Senior Men
Connolly, DeirdreFEMALE1704Senior Women
Connolly, JackMale2709Senior Men
Connolly, JohnMale2443M50
Connolly, JohnMale2471Senior Men
Connolly, KarenFEMALE305F45
Connolly, LiamMALE1448Senior Men
Connolly, MaryFEMALE2232F55
Connolly, NoelMALE1643M40
Connolly, PadraicMALE538Senior Men
Connolly, ShaneMale3043Senior Men
Connolly, TonyMALE304M45
Connolly, VeronicaFEMALE1742F45
Connor, NoraFEMALE1850F50
Conroy, JohnMALE197M40
Conway, BernieFemale3076F40
Conway, ClaireFEMALE920F55
Conway, EugeneMALE1782Senior Men
Conway, GerardMALE1637M45
Conway, GerryMALE921M50
Conway, MarieFEMALE2180F60Caltra and District A.C.
Conway, MichaelMALE664M50Corrib A.C.
Conway, RoseFemale2534F40
Conwell, MaryFEMALE1967F60
Cooke, ConnorMale2906Senior Men
Cooke, EuanMale2905Junior Men
Cooke, JamesMale2904M40
Cooke, RuadhánMALE1257M50
Cooley, NoreenFEMALE2280F55
Cooley, SiofraFemale2513Junior Women
Cooney O Carroll, AislingFEMALE169Senior Women
Cooney, DerekMALE407Senior Men
Cooney, ElaineFEMALE406Senior Women
Cooney, Mary-TeresaFEMALE2174F40
Coppinger, ShaneMALE1618Senior Men
Corbett, JamesMALE1102M45
Corbett, MarkMale2937M45Bray Runners A.C.
Corbett, MichaelMale2910M40
Corcoran, AnnamarieFEMALE1162Senior Women
Corcoran, JohnMALE303M45
Corcoran, LiamMALE1138Senior Men
Corcoran, MariaeFEMALE1378Senior Women
Corcoran, MarkMale2830M40Derg A.C.
Corcoran, MeadhbhFEMALE1494Senior Women
Corcoran, NicolaFEMALE2051F45Castlegar A.C.
Corcoran, OrlaithFEMALE1493Senior Women
Corcoran, PaulMALE678Senior Men
Corcoran, SandraFEMALE820F40
Corcoran, YvonneFEMALE1495F65
Corcoran, YvonneFEMALE2286F45
Corless, MaryFemale2298F40
Cormican, AnnFEMALE1995F55
Cormican, DeclanMALE2264M40
Cormican, DonnaFEMALE2133Senior Women
Cormican, GraceFEMALE1907Senior Women
Cormican, JosephMALE1906M50
Corr, DylanMale2751Senior Men
Corridan, DeclanMALE2154Senior MenDublin Front Runners A.C.
Coss, EmilyFEMALE155F40
Coss, JoyFEMALE112F45
Costa, VanusaFEMALE1025Senior Women
Costello, AilbheFEMALE2289Senior Women
Costello, DamienMALE390M50
Costello, GaryMale3022M40
Costello, PadraigMALE492M50
Costello, SarahFEMALE491F50
Costello, VickyFEMALE558Senior Women
Costello, VictorMALE391Senior Men
Cottle, JamesMALE1668M65Crusaders A.C.
Coughlan, AoifeFemale2455Senior Women
Coughlan, BeckyFEMALE67F40Ennis Track A.C.
Coughlan, CianMALE1673Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Coughlan, KieranMALE1299Senior Men
Coughlan, RobertMALE830M70
Cox, AdamMALE2093Senior Men
Cox, ChristineFEMALE1610F50
Cox, CiaraMALE2156Junior Men
Cox, ColmMALE1986Senior Men
Cox, DonnaFEMALE1634F50
Cox, DylanMALE2094Senior Men
Cox, EndaMALE2092M50
Cox, MichaelMALE2157Senior Men
Coy, AmyFEMALE1436Senior Women
Coyle, AleksandraFEMALE1943F45
Coyle, PhilipMALE494M45
Coyle, RuairiMALE1293Senior Men
Coyne, AnnaFEMALE1006F45
Coyne, AnneFEMALE1310F40
Coyne, ClionaFEMALE490F40
Coyne, DarylMale3025M45
Coyne, DeirdreFEMALE1855F50
Coyne, DorothyFemale2734F40Castlegar A.C.
Coyne, LaurenFEMALE1240Senior Women
Coyne, LouisMALE510M40Galway City Harriers A.C.
Coyne, MarieFEMALE791F45
Coyne, MickMALE1311M45
Coyne, NyaFEMALE511Junior Women
Coyne, PatrickMale2526M65
Coyne, RoisinFemale2525Senior Women
Coyne, VinnyMALE489Senior Men
Craven, DeclanMALE753M50Craughwell A.C.
Craven, LorraineFEMALE95F50Craughwell A.C.
Crean, JennyFemale2687Senior Women
Creane, RobertMale2523M55
Creaven, EoinMALE2112Senior Men
Creaven, HelenFEMALE709Senior Women
Creavin, DamienMALE562Senior Men
Cremen, SinéadFEMALE1342Senior Women
Cribbin, DavidMALE498M50
Cribbin, PhilipMALE497M75Clare River Harriers A.C.
Cronin, CathrionaFEMALE533F45
Cronin, DeniseFemale2391Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Cronin, EoghanMALE2246Junior Men
Cronin, KaroldavidMale2593M40Sportsworld A.C.
Cronin, KathleenFemale2971F50
Cronin, MarkMALE532M50
Cronin, MaryFEMALE1984F75Limerick A.C.
Cronin, MiriamFEMALE2245F45
Cronin, UnaFEMALE369F45
Crosbie, TonyMALE2208M55
Crotty, AineFEMALE1672Senior WomenCrusaders A.C.
Crowe, DavidMALE1820M40
Crowe, EthnaFEMALE1296F50
Crowe, MariaFEMALE1819F40
Crowe, ThomasMALE230M50
Crowley, StephenMale2817M45
Cruz, AmandaFEMALE2656Senior WomenCOPE
Cryan, ThomasMALE584M40
Cuddy, DavidMALE1584M40
Cuddy, JosephineFEMALE1110Senior Women
Culkeen, ChrisMale3064Senior Men
Cullinan, LouiseFEMALE2270Senior Women
Cullinane Conneely, MagsFEMALE1053F50
Cullinane, AmandaFEMALE1928F50
Cummins, DavidMale2467M45
Cummins, MajellaFEMALE1826F55Athenry A.C.
Cunniffe, AlisonFemale2762Senior Women
Cunningham, AnthonyMALE1241M45
Cunningham, BrendanMALE1843M50
Cunningham, DeirdreFEMALE209Senior Women
Cunningham, FrankMALE412Senior Men
Cunningham, JenniferFEMALE1756F45
Cunningham, LindaFEMALE150F45Mullingar Harriers A.C.
Cunningham, LucyFEMALE1103F50Craughwell A.C.
Cunningham, NiallMALE658Senior MenCastlegar A.C.
Cunningham, RuthieFEMALE1337Senior Women
Curley, JasonMALE1415M40
Curley, NicoleFEMALE1052Senior Women
Curran, AidusMALE1099M50
Curran, AlanMale2354M40
Curran, DarrenMALE105Senior MenCorrib A.C.
Curran, JudithFEMALE1286F50
Curran, KirstenFEMALE1098F45
Curran, LiamMALE1687M40
Curran, MartinMALE587Senior Men
Curran, MartinMale2963M40
Curran, NiamhFEMALE2115F40
Curran, NickyMALE160Senior Men
Curran, RossMALE556M40
Curran, SineadFEMALE1478Senior Women
Curran, StephanieFEMALE641F55Galway City Harriers A.C.
Curran, TomMALE1214M50
Cusack, HelenFEMALE476F40Corrib A.C.
Cussen, EdelFemale2887F40
Cygan, DorotaFemale2795Senior Women
Da Silva, ElivaniaFemale2598F45
Dale, PaulMALE1542M40
Dalton, BrendaFEMALE362F50
Daly, ClodaghFEMALE1435F45Maree A.C
Daly, ColmMALE1767M40
Daly, EndaMALE264M60
Daly, IanMale2943Senior Men
Daly, JackMale2321Senior Men
Daly, KatherineFemale2747Junior Women
Daly, KathrynFEMALE263Senior Women
Daly, MartinMale2458M75
Daly, MelissaFEMALE1128F50Corofin A.C.
Daly, PatMALE643M60
Daly, RoisinFEMALE312Senior Women
Daly, RonanMALE1108M45
Daly, SiobhánFEMALE1049F40
Danaher, MarkMALE2028M40
Darcy, LauraFEMALE1279Senior Women
D'Arcy, NicolaFemale2349F45
Darcy, OliviaFEMALE1290F45
Darcy, PaddyMALE1291M70
Davies, AileenFEMALE2188F65
Davies, KeithMALE2187M60
Davitt, SophieFemale2514Junior Women
Davoren, MelissaFEMALE2653Senior WomenRDJ
Day, JimMale2748M55
De Leon Vega, AntonioMALE2218Senior Men
De Paor, CillínMALE1568Senior Men
Deacy, GerardineFEMALE1450Senior Women
Deakin, ChrisMale2509M50Athenry A.C.
Deegan, CatherineFemale2938F55Limerick Country Club A.C.
Deegan, PeterMALE1858M55
Deegan, YvonneFEMALE816F50Limerick Country Club A.C.
Deely, AislingFemale2691F40Loughrea A.C.
Deely, MaryFEMALE519F40
Deenihan, KillianMale2402M50
Deery, FrancisMALE1812Senior Men
Deery, MartinaFEMALE1811F40
Deeth, LouiseFemale3102F40
Delahunty, CatrionaFemale2873Senior Women
Delaney, ElizabethFEMALE559Senior Women
Delargy, DylanMALE2005Senior Men
Delargy, SuzanneFEMALE1910F45
Delaunay, GurwanMale2947Senior Men
Dempsey, ClaireFEMALE1091F45
Dempsey, EdelFEMALE1185Senior Women
Dempsey, FionaFEMALE2077Senior Women
Dempsey, JoannFEMALE634Senior Women
Dempsey, RhonaFEMALE636F40St. Finbarrs A.C.
Denton, RoseFEMALE1245Senior Women
Depalatis, JustinMALE1851Senior Men
Dermott, Marie McFEMALE58F60
Derrane, BrendanMALE1360M50
Derrane, CiaraFEMALE1840Senior Women
Derrane, DeclanMALE1359M50
Derrane, MartinaFEMALE1358F45
Dervan, AmyFEMALE1327F40
Dervan, LisaFEMALE1565Senior Women
Devaney, CarmelFEMALE523F50
Devaney, MaryFEMALE986F45East Galway A.C.
Devaney, SheilaFEMALE522F50Sligo A.C.
Devery, TomasMale2727Senior Men
Devics, EmeseFEMALE61Senior Women
Devine, CarolineFEMALE946F40
Devine, TommyMALE1874M50
Devlin, KealanMALE1547Senior Men
Devlin, PatriciaFEMALE649F50
Dickerson, MauraFEMALE555F50
Dill, DanielMALE727Senior Men
Dillon, AnneFEMALE536F45
Dillon, David JMale2714M60
Dillon, David MMale2715Senior Men
Dillon, JohnMALE937M45
Dillon, LivFEMALE1043F45
Dillon, SineadFemale2451F45
Dillon, ThomasMALE698M55
Dinkin, MarkMale3021M45Clare River Harriers A.C.
Direkze, ShamindraMALE1739M40
Dirrane, ShaneMale2577Senior Men
Diskin Hunt, CatherinaFEMALE2172F45
Diskin, MargaretFEMALE1866F60
Divilly, CarolFEMALE1329F65
Divilly, ColmMALE1328M60
Diviney, FionaFEMALE799F50Craughwell A.C.
Diviney, NoelMale2801Senior Men
Dixon, EmmaFEMALE2015F40
Dixon, NathanMALE1232Senior Men
Dobell, ElaineFemale2556F50
Dodrill, AmandaFemale2533F50South Galway A.C.
Doheny, PadraigMale3066M40
Doherty, AoifeFEMALE1663Senior Women
Doherty, BrigidFEMALE1796Senior Women
Doherty, SeanMALE1482M50
Dolan, BrianMale3098M40
Dolan, BrigeenFEMALE2251F45
Dolan, CiaraFEMALE1723Senior Women
Dolan, ClaireanneFEMALE1911F45
Dolan, EmmaFEMALE1999Senior Women
Dolan, JoanneFemale2376F45
Dolan, JohnnyMALE2610M40Boston Scientific
Dolan, MartinaFEMALE2039F50
Dolan, NoreenFemale2864F70
Dolan, ScottMale2398Senior Men
Dolan, SineadFemale2856Senior Women
Dolan, YvonneFEMALE541F45
Donegan, BreegeFEMALE102Senior Women
Donegan, DoreenFEMALE1950F45
Donegan, PatsyFEMALE1965Senior WomenRoscommon Harriers A.C.
Donegan, TomasMALE1791Senior Men
Donlon, BredaFEMALE271F40
Donnellan, GabrielleFemale2590Senior Women
Donnellan, GraceFEMALE1636Senior Women
Donnellan, KevinMale3093Senior Men
Donnellan, KillianMale2564Senior Men
Donnellan, MelanieFEMALE1659F55
Donnellan, NoelMALE1423M45
Donnellan, OlibhiaFEMALE1847F45Corofin A.C.
Donnellan, TimMALE1484M40
Donnellan, UnaFEMALE1424F45
Donnelly, MarinaFemale2532F45
Donnelly, MarkMALE1314M40
Donnelly, OrlaFEMALE99F40
Donoghue, AislingFEMALE1085F45
Donoghue, DamienMALE1753M40
Donoghue, MartinMale2708M50
Donohoe, PatrickMALE1744M40
Donohue, PatriciaFEMALE1617F60
Donovan, BillMALE922M60
Dooley, BrianMale2386Senior Men
Dooley, DavidMale2931Senior MenBirr A.C.
Dooley, EmmaFEMALE1913Senior Women
Dooley, EoghanMALE1105Senior Men
Dooley, LeonaFEMALE531F40
Dooley, MaryFemale2786F50
Dooley, RonanMALE1304Senior Men
Dooley, SarahFemale2932Senior Women
Doran, JonMale2835Senior Men
Doran, SeanMale2989M45
Douglas, StephenMALE454M45
Dowling, Anna LeeFEMALE1028Senior Women
Dowling, ThomasMALE457M40
Downes, ConorMALE1472Senior Men
Downes, NoelMALE631M45
Doyle, AdamMALE1885Senior Men
Doyle, CarmelaFEMALE289F55
Doyle, DavidMALE771M40
Doyle, DavidMALE1932M40
Doyle, DermotMALE1309M40
Doyle, DermotMALE1348M40
Doyle, JackMALE1715Senior Men
Doyle, JohnMALE288M55
Drury, AshleyFEMALE1582Senior Women
Drury, JohnMALE1583Senior Men
Duff, StephenMALE103M45
Dufficy, CatherineFEMALE1242F45
Dufficy, MichaelMALE202M55
Duffy Mcmahon, AnnieFEMALE961Senior Women
Duffy, BrianMale2739M50
Duffy, DavidMALE1792Senior Men
Duffy, GavanMALE1101M40
Duffy, HannahFemale2375Senior Women
Duffy, HeatherFEMALE712Senior Women
Duffy, HughMale2454M40
Duffy, JosephMALE199M40
Duffy, LiamMALE1143Senior Men
Duffy, LorraineFemale3083F45
Duffy, LukeMale2312M45
Duffy, PaulMALE2162M40
Duffy, ThomasMALE789Senior MenClara A.C.
Duffy, TraceyFEMALE888F45
Duggan, AnnmarieFEMALE2171F40Corofin A.C.
Duggan, EmmaFEMALE894F40
Duggan, FionaFEMALE666F50
Duggan, FionaFemale3020F40
Duggan, JessicaFEMALE2283Senior Women
Duggan, KeithMALE1566M50
Duggan, MoyraFEMALE501F40
Duggan, RonanMALE1297Senior Men
Duignan, EleanorFEMALE748F50
Duignan, TanyaFEMALE919Senior Women
Duke, BredaFEMALE1712F50
Dunican, CarolFEMALE2102F50
Dunleavy, FrankMALE193M50
Dunne, AllisonFEMALE245F45
Dunne, DeirdreFEMALE1221F45
Dunne, GerardMALE2168Junior MenSt. John's A.C.
Dunne, JamesMALE283M45
Dunne, LorcanMALE1828Junior Men
Dunne, MarkMALE637M45
Durkan, TracyFemale3065Senior Women
Durkin, PaulaFEMALE184F40
Dwyer, GaryMALE2088M40Tullamore Harriers A.C.
Dwyer, ShaunMALE1603Senior Men
Dyar, Anne-MarieFEMALE725F40
Dyszewska, OlgaFEMALE1677F40
Earley, AidanMALE505Senior Men
Earls, CarolineFEMALE465F55
Earls, SheelaghFEMALE2109F45
Eaton-Evans, AmyFEMALE1158F40
Egan, Anne-MariaFEMALE480F40Ferbane A.C.
Egan, AnthonyMale2911M40
Egan, CathalMALE962Senior Men
Egan, CliodhnaFEMALE902Senior Women
Egan, ClodaghFEMALE2223F40
Egan, IanMale2832M55Castlegar A.C.
Egan, JamesMale2529Senior Men
Egan, JasonMALE2150Senior Men
Egan, JohnMALE795Senior Men
Egan, LorraineFemale2756F40
Egan, MichaelMALE147M45
Egan, PatMALE1836M40
Egan, TomMALE307Senior Men
Eid, TroyMALE440M55
Eileen, MannionFEMALE2193F40
Elderkin, NanetteFemale2521F40
Elsafty, HassanMale2839Senior Men
Elwood, SineadFemale2999Senior Women
Emter, ThomasMALE777Senior Men
Engels, MalteMALE443M45
Etchegoinberry, LaureFemale2948Senior Women
Evans, PhoebeFemale2821Senior Women
F, SeanMALE697Senior Men
Fadul, SeaferyMALE1901Senior Men
Fagan, DavidMALE1446Senior Men
Faherty, AileenFEMALE896F40
Faherty, DiarmuidMALE849Senior Men
Faherty, FionaFEMALE134F45
Faherty, JohnMALE2269Senior Men
Faherty, KateFEMALE1145Senior Women
Faherty, PadraigMALE906Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Faherty, RonanMALE281Senior Men
Faherty, SharonFEMALE1515Senior Women
Faherty, SineadFEMALE2237Senior Women
Fahey, GerFEMALE2624F50Boston Scientific
Fahey, ShaneMALE645Senior Men
Fahy, AonghusMALE1439Senior Men
Fahy, BrianMALE1438M40
Fahy, CarolineFEMALE653F40
Fahy, ChloeFEMALE857Senior Women
Fahy, CillianMale3050Senior Men
Fahy, DarylMale2958M40
Fahy, DonnaFemale2959F40
Fahy, DonnachaMale3048M50
Fahy, JamesMale2351Senior Men
Fahy, JessicaFEMALE342Senior Women
Fahy, LarryMALE1249Senior Men
Fahy, LaurenFemale3073Senior Women
Fahy, MauraFEMALE1013F60
Fahy, NoelMALE877M60South Galway A.C.
Fahy, PádraigMale3061Senior Men
Fahy, PaulaFEMALE1051Senior Women
Fahy, RomanMale2780Junior Men
Fahy, SarahFEMALE2243Senior Women
Fahy, ShaneMALE723Senior Men
Fahy, TomasMale3072Senior Men
Fahy, TommyMale3071Junior Men
Fahy, VeraFemale2519F40
Fallon, AnnFEMALE763F45
Fallon, BrianMALE1816M50
Fallon, EannaMALE1606Senior Men
Fallon, GraceFemale2777F45
Fallon, JamieMALE2235Senior MenCraughwell A.C.
Fallon, JoeMALE1996M45
Fallon, MichaelMale2469Senior Men
Fallon, NoelleFEMALE368F50
Fallon, PadraicMALE1536M40
Fallon, PatriciaFemale2918F55
Fallon, PaulMALE1063M55Galway City Harriers A.C.
Fallon, ThomasMALE762M45
Fannin, AoifeFEMALE967Senior Women
Fannin, BartleyMALE796M70
Farnan, RichardMale2487Senior Men
Farrell, AnthonyMALE1001M45
Farrell, BarryMALE1794M50
Farrell, CatherineFemale2968F50
Farrell, ElaineFEMALE59Senior Women
Farrell, JohnMale2884M40
Farrell, MairéadFEMALE1215Senior Women
Farrell, MarkMALE343Senior Men
Farrell, SaraFEMALE93Senior Women
Farrell, SeanMale2914M40
Farrelly, AaronMALE548Senior Men
Farrelly, PeterMALE1201Senior Men
Farren, AislingFemale2940Senior Women
Farren, DonalMale2939Senior MenLetterkenny A.C.
Farrissey, CiaraFEMALE1253Junior WomenLoch Lurgan A.C.
Farrissey, NiamhFEMALE1254F50
Faul, SeamusMALE2045M50
Favey, ChristopheMale3058M40
Favey, TomMale3059Junior Men
Fee, CelineFEMALE1878Senior Women
Fee, GeorgianaFEMALE1879Senior Women
Feehan, ChristiaanMALE1459M40Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Feehily, EvelynFEMALE2057F40
Feely, MichelleFemale2543Senior Women
Feeney Clabby, EdelFEMALE449F45Corrib A.C.
Feeney, Deirdre MaeFEMALE708Senior Women
Feeney, DeniseFEMALE1942F45Maree A.C
Feeney, EileenFemale2994F60
Feeney, HannahFemale2941Junior Women
Feeney, JarlathMALE2674M65COPE
Feeney, RebeccaFEMALE87Senior Women
Fegan, GeraldineFEMALE1754F55
Fegan, LaoiseFemale2342Senior Women
Fehily, AdrianMALE1936M45
Fehily, YvonneFEMALE1935F40Ballinasloe and District A.C.
Fennell, SheenaFEMALE1202F40
Ferguson, AilbheFemale2917Junior Women
Ferguson, BillMale2916M55
Fernandez, LauraFemale2400Senior Women
Ferry, SharonFEMALE53F40Tuam A.C.
Ffrench, PatriciaFEMALE1220F65
Finan, JamesMALE2007Senior Men
Finn , Grainne FEMALE2644F45RDJ
Finn, AlanMALE1810Senior Men
Finn, NatashaFEMALE1671F40East Galway A.C.
Finn, OwenMALE311M55Corrib A.C.
Finn, SarahFEMALE1294Senior Women
Finnegan, DamienMALE2214M40Mayo A.C.
Finnegan, DeeFEMALE2213Senior WomenMayo A.C.
Finnegan, DonalMALE765Senior Men
Finneran, GaryMALE314M45
Finneran, ShaunaFemale2374Senior Women
Finnerty, MikeMALE990M40Craughwell A.C.
Fitzgerald, CaitrionaFEMALE462Senior Women
Fitzgerald, JarlathMALE1683M55Loughrea A.C.
Fitzgerald, KarenFEMALE1222F40
Fitzgerald, MarkMALE1050M45
Fitzgerald, NoirinFEMALE345Senior Women
Fitzgerald, SineadFemale3047Senior Women
Fitzgerald, WilliamMALE2273Senior MenCraughwell A.C.
Fitzmaurice, KarlMale2860Senior Men
Fitzpatrick, DavidMALE1274Senior Men
Fitzpatrick, KevinMALE875M40
Fitzpatrick, MichaelMALE1156M45East Galway A.C.
Fitzpatrick, Sarah MariaFEMALE754Senior Women
Fitzpatrick, SharonFEMALE2664Senior WomenCOPE
Flaherty, AngelaFEMALE1519Senior Women
Flaherty, EoinMALE2259M40
Flaherty, JohnMALE1382M45Clare River Harriers A.C.
Flaherty, LisaFEMALE418Senior Women
Flaherty, MaureenFEMALE1888F45
Flaherty, RichardMALE2626M45Boston Scientific
Flaherty, SeanMALE913M50Athenry A.C.
Flaherty, SiobhánFEMALE1175Senior Women
Flanagan, LornFEMALE1799F40
Flanagan, MichaelMALE1413Senior Men
Flanagan, SaoirseFEMALE1940Senior Women
Flanagan, SusanFEMALE187Senior Women
Flannery, ClaireFEMALE610Senior Women
Flannery, CormacMALE1614M45Derg A.C.
Flannery, KatieFemale2343Senior Women
Flannery, MaeveFEMALE1553F40Derg A.C.
Flannery, NicholasMale2866Senior Men
Flannery, SeanMale2589M45
Flatley, MichelleFEMALE1599F50
Flatley, NaoiseFEMALE1600Junior Women
Flatley, OrlaFEMALE308Senior Women
Flatley, OwenMALE1598M55
Fleming, AineFEMALE1193Senior Women
Fleming, AlexFemale2987Senior Women
Fleming, DeirdreFEMALE740F40
Fleming, ImeldaFEMALE1285F45
Fleming, John JosephMALE2291M45
Fleming, PatrickMale3060Senior MenTuam A.C.
Flood, CharlotteFEMALE818F45
Flood, DaithiMale2954M40
Flood, EimearFEMALE1238F45Maree A.C
Flores Sweeney, OisinMALE695Senior Men
Flores, SeadhnaMALE710M50
Flynn, BrendanMale2870M50
Flynn, BrianMale3084Senior Men
Flynn, HannahFEMALE1957Senior Women
Flynn, ItaFEMALE770F45
Flynn, ItaFEMALE1931F45
Flynn, JjMALE1859M50
Flynn, MiaFEMALE1958Senior Women
Flynn, NoreenFEMALE1475F45
Foden, FionaFEMALE1641Senior Women
Foden, OisinMALE1640Senior Men
Fodra, RodolfoMALE2142Senior Men
Fogarty, CaitrionaFemale2899Senior Women
Fogarty, ChloeFEMALE1426Senior Women
Fogarty, JohnMALE1079M45
Folan, DonnaFEMALE611F40
Folan, MarkMALE621M50
Folan, MartinMALE1331Senior Men
Folan, MartinMALE1868Senior Men
Folan, NorahFEMALE1027F50
Folan, SineadFEMALE1466Senior Women
Folan, TimMALE249M65
Foley, AdrianMALE1372M40
Foley, ConMALE802M60
Foley, DoloresFEMALE2211F55
Foley, GregoryMALE803Senior Men
Foley, PatriciaFEMALE1790F50
Foley, SeanMALE287M40
Forde, AineFEMALE732Senior Women
Forde, AmyFemale2853Senior Women
Forde, BredaFemale2316F40
Forde, BrendanMale2496Senior Men
Forde, DanielleFemale2764Senior Women
Forde, DeclanMALE963Senior Men
Forde, DeirdreFEMALE700F45
Forde, GerardMALE731Senior Men
Forde, JohnMALE842M45
Forde, JoshuaMALE1078Senior Men
Forde, LarryMALE2075M55
Forde, PatrickMale2851M50Athenry A.C.
Forde, RaymondMALE1731Senior Men
Forde, TomMALE1883Senior Men
Fox, AislinnFemale3081Senior Women
Fox, Anne-MarieFemale2344F45
Fox, GaryMALE1139Senior Men
Fox, LesleyFEMALE1140Senior Women
Fox, LindaFEMALE1726F40
Fox, LisaFEMALE1998Senior Women
Fox, LorcánMALE1770Senior Men
Foy, LiamMALE866M50
Foy, LouiseFemale2698Senior Women
Francisco, GustavoMALE2141Senior Men
Frawley, MichaelMale2576Senior Men
Freeney, CarolineFEMALE618F40Athenry A.C.
Freeney, SeanMALE1682M45Athenry A.C.
Freyne, JonathanMALE1129M40
Freyne, MichaelMALE1130Senior Men
Furey, EmiliaFEMALE1626Senior Women
Furey, NiallMALE2618Senior MenBoston Scientific
Furey, TonyMALE2002M65
Furey, TonyMale2772Senior Men
Furlong, AdamMale2459M40Sportsworld A.C.
Gaffey, HelenFEMALE978F50
Gaffey, IreneFemale2595F45
Gaffney, CarolFEMALE114F40
Gaffney, JosephMALE2628M40Boston Scientific
Gaffney, LauraFemale2371Senior Women
Gagare, DhananjayMale2546M40
Gallacher, CraigMALE2205Senior Men
Gallagher, BrendanMALE1830M50
Gallagher, JoeMale2750Senior Men
Gallagher, MichaelMALE1862M55
Gallagher, OliviaFEMALE1724F45
Gallagher, PatMALE660M50
Gallagher, PatrickMale2387Senior Men
Gallagher, RachelFEMALE867Senior Women
Galligan, JessicaFEMALE935Senior Women
Galligan, SeanMALE2096Senior Men
Gallo, LíviaFemale3008Senior Women
Galvin, ChristinaFEMALE1190Senior Women
Galvin, CiaraFemale2381Senior Women
Gannon, FrancisMale2406M50
Gannon, SharonFEMALE823F45
Gantly, KeithMALE1106M40
Gardiner, MichelleFEMALE981F40
Garrahy, SueFemale3103F55Kilmurray/Ibrick/N.Clare A.C.
Garrahy, ThomasMale3053Senior MenKilmurray/Ibrick/N.Clare A.C.
Garrett, ShaneMALE1488Senior Men
Garry, JimMale2692Senior Men
Garry, OwenMale2693Senior Men
Garvey, AdrianMale2975M40
Garvey, AilishFemale2537Senior Women
Garvey, JamesMALE1516Junior Men
Garvey, JulieFEMALE768F45
Garvey, MarieFEMALE1776F55
Garvey, MichaelMALE567Senior Men
Garvey, RossMale2538Senior Men
Gaughan, UnaFEMALE261F45
Gavin, DearbhlaFemale2377Senior Women
Gavin, LisaFemale2430Senior Women
Gavin, StephenMale2431M60
Gayer, MiriamFEMALE580F55
Geary, JohnMALE2281M55
Gentleman, CiaránMALE1132Senior Men
Geoghegan, GerryMale3006M60
Geoghegan, LouiseFEMALE1696Senior Women
Geoghegan, LouiseFEMALE2265Senior Women
Geoghegan, SeanMALE1344Senior Men
Geraghty, BrianMALE2135M45
Geraghty, ChristianMALE2136Junior Men
Geraghty, FionaFEMALE65F45
Geraghty, HonorFEMALE2046F50
Geraghty, LisaFEMALE1302Senior Women
Geraghty, MorganMALE563M45
Geraghty, RichardMALE64M45
Geraghty, RobynFemale2737Junior Women
Geraghty, TomasMALE2155M50
Gerdvilaite, NeringaFemale2360Senior Women
Gibbons, BryanMALE2623Senior MenBoston Scientific
Gibbons, ClaireFemale2470Senior Women
Gibbons, DerekMALE216M50
Gibbons, JackMALE1727Senior Men
Gibbons, RyanMALE371Senior Men
Giblin, JohnMALE1146M70
Giblin, PaulMALE1375M45
Gibney, PaulMALE1923M40
Gibsey, JohnMALE1837M45
Giles, BreedgeFEMALE1968F55
Giles, DavidMale2961Senior Men
Gill, DerekMALE983M45
Gill, MarkMALE2087M50
Gill, StephenMALE2282M45
Gill, TommyMale2452M50
Gillen, LauraFEMALE887F40Maree A.C
Gillen, SiobhanFEMALE217F55Donore Harriers A.C.
Gillespie, PaddyMale2477M40
Gilligan, AbiFEMALE1196Junior Women
Gilligan, BarbaraFEMALE1195F40
Gilligan, CliodhnaFEMALE1596Senior Women
Gilligan, NiamhFEMALE1203Senior Women
Gilligan, SharonFEMALE88F45
Gilligan, SiobhánFEMALE1362F45
Gillooly, AmyFemale2382Senior Women
Gilmartin, JPMALE2642M45RDJ
Gilmartin, PaulMALE926M55
Gilmore, AlanMALE1807M50
Gilmore, AmyFEMALE1660Senior Women
Gilmore, FrankMALE1870M60
Gilmore, GrainneFEMALE1151Senior Women
Gilroy, JasonMale2807Senior Men
Gilroy, KatieFEMALE815Senior Women
Ginty, MauraFemale2474F40Sportsworld A.C.
Gleeson O Neill, SheilaFEMALE474F45Corrib A.C.
Gleeson, DenisMale2970M45
Gleeson, FionaFEMALE91F50
Glennon, GeraldineFEMALE2062F60Sliabh Ban A.C.
Glynn, BrendanMale3078Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Glynn, DavidMALE51M45Galway City Harriers A.C.
Glynn, FionnualaFEMALE1213F40
Glynn, MartinMale3040M40
Glynn, SineadFEMALE885F40Maree A.C
Goddard, BrianMale3108M40
Gohery, SiobhanFEMALE529F50Loughrea A.C.
Goldsmith, RoryMALE1512Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Goldsworthy, SheliaFemale2403F45Athenry A.C.
Gordon, OliviaFEMALE948Junior Women
Gorham, CathyFEMALE860Senior WomenCorrib A.C.
Gormally, LindaFEMALE1039Senior Women
Gorman, HelenaFEMALE2249F45Craughwell A.C.
Gorman, NoelMALE2248M45Craughwell A.C.
Gormley, AnnetteFEMALE1779F50
Gould, RebeccaFEMALE1481Senior Women
Goulding, AilbheFEMALE1567Senior Women
Gow, DavidMale2539Senior Men
Goworek, MarcinMALE1822M40
Grace, SeánMALE638M50Clare River Harriers A.C.
Graham, EileenFEMALE2266F60
Graham, LiamMale2779M40
Granahan, AislingFEMALE2041Senior Women
Granahan, MartinMALE1395M40
Grant, KatieFEMALE1787Senior Women
Grath, Avril McFEMALE79F45
Gray, John MALE2602M55Boston Scientific
Gray, LauraFEMALE2647Senior WomenRDJ
Grealis, AislingFEMALE386Senior Women
Grealis, SiobhanFEMALE1889F55
Grealish, AnneFEMALE617F40
Grealish, MaryFEMALE1921F55Galway City Harriers A.C.
Grealish, TonyMale2408Senior Men
Greally, BridieFemale2587F60
Greally, TrevorMale2696Senior Men
Grealy, EimearFEMALE780F40
Grealy, TommyMALE1364M45Le Chéile A.C.
Greaney, EmmaFEMALE1556F40
Greaney, EmmaFEMALE2210Senior Women
Greaney, SuzanneFEMALE1412Senior Women
Green, GerodMale2841Senior Men
Greene, Ann MarieFEMALE334F40
Greene, DiarmaidMALE767Junior Men
Gregory, JohnMALE2148M40
Grehan, SarahFemale2404Senior Women
Griffin, ConorMALE108M45
Griffin, DavidMALE1654Senior Men
Griffin, EavanFemale2395Senior Women
Griffin, ElaineFemale2833F50Fr. Murphy A.C.
Griffin, GrainneFemale2771F40
Grimes, ShaneMALE158M45
Grimes, ShaneMale2438M45
Griseti, OlivierMALE1670M40Castlegar A.C.
Grogan, AdrianMale3019M40Castlegar A.C.
Grogan, TerryMALE1406M65
Guillespie, MaureenFEMALE221F55
Guinan, CatrionaFEMALE2153F45Ferbane A.C.
Guinan, MichaelMale3000M55Ferbane A.C.
Guinan, SiobhanFEMALE2105F40Athenry A.C.
Guiney, DenisMALE1035M45
Guiry, KieranMale2852M50Athenry A.C.
Guiry, OisinMale2495Senior Men
Gunning, BrendanMale2497Senior Men
Gunning, NualaFEMALE430Senior Women
Gunning, PaddyMALE326M40
Gunning, VickyFemale2761F40Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Hagos, AbrahaMALE1034M40
Hall, MaggieFEMALE1655F45Galway City Harriers A.C.
Hallinan, PaulaFEMALE1064F45
Halloran, TriciaFEMALE1004F60
Hanbury, MelissaFEMALE2293Senior Women
Hanley, JonathanMALE482M40
Hanley, OllieMale2925Senior Men
Hann, ColmMALE1256Senior Men
Hannan, SeánMALE663M45
Hannan, TinaFEMALE662F45Corrib A.C.
Hanniffy, NoreenFEMALE730F45Maree A.C
Hannon, JohnMALE116M45
Hannon, MichelleFEMALE993F45Maree A.C
Hanrahan, AoifeFEMALE907Senior Women
Hanrahan, MarthaFEMALE1546Senior Women
Hansberry, SerenaFEMALE2239Senior Women
Hardiman, DeirdreFEMALE137F40
Hardiman, MauraFEMALE1104F55
Hardiman, SiobhanFemale2373Senior Women
Harford, LauraFEMALE128Senior Women
Harnett, ShaneMALE1692M50
Harney, CarolFEMALE224F40
Harney, DamianMALE84M45
Harney, FionaFEMALE85F45
Harney, ThomasMALE225Senior Men
Harrington, BrianMale2978M50
Harrington, DeirdreFEMALE256F45
Harrington, ElaineFEMALE188Senior Women
Harte, BrianMALE2233M55
Hartigan, ChantelleFEMALE1280Senior Women
Hartigan, EmmettMALE817M40
Hartigan, EoinMALE2199M40
Hartwick, DuncanMale2345Senior MenAn Ríocht A.C.
Hassett, TrionaFEMALE1097Senior Women
Hastings, EvangelineFEMALE459Senior Women
Haugh, MikeMALE1504Senior Men
Hawkins, BarbaraFemale2355F45Galway City Harriers A.C.
Hawkins, ConallMale2960M40
Hawkins, GallenMale2965Senior Men
Hayes, LouiseFEMALE1592Senior Women
Hayes, MaireadFEMALE809F40
Hayes, NiallMALE995M45
Healy, AidanMale3115Senior Men
Healy, AmieFEMALE845Senior Women
Healy, ClaireFEMALE689Senior Women
Healy, DiarmuidMALE865Senior Men
Healy, MeabhFEMALE346Senior Women
Healy, NiallMALE1827Senior Men
Healy, SandraFEMALE1330F55
Heaney, StevenMale2893Senior Men
Heapes, CallumMALE1886Senior Men
Heapes, EwanMALE1905Senior Men
Heapes, MargotFEMALE1904F50
Heatley, PaulMALE825M45
Heaton, CaitrionaFEMALE1054F60
Heavey, ShaneMALE2164Senior Men
Hedigan, DeirdreFemale2955F45
Heduan, PhyllisFEMALE1275F45
Heery, DarraghMALE1953Senior Men
Heffernan, KarinaFEMALE534F40
Heffernan, LizFEMALE1798Senior Women
Heffernan, RonanMALE2025M40
Hegarty, ClodaghFEMALE526Senior Women
Hegarty, DaveMALE1619Senior Men
Hehir, DanielMALE1831Senior Men
Helebert, CiaraFEMALE1198Senior Women
Helebert, MauraFEMALE1197F55
Henderson, DaraghMALE252M40
Henderson, FintanMALE2066Senior Men
Heneghan, DarrenMALE1283M40
Heneghan, NiamhFEMALE2616Senior WomenBoston Scientific
Henn, AoifeFemale2310F45
Hennelly, RuthFEMALE1267F40
Hennessy, BeendanMALE109M45
Hennessy, ConorMALE388Senior Men
Hennessy, ÉadaoinFEMALE396Senior WomenDooneen A.C.
Hennessy, FionaFEMALE2132Senior Women
Hennessy, OrlaFemale2432Senior Women
Hennessy, SiobhanFEMALE414F55
Hennessy, TerenceMALE397M55
Hennigan, MarianneFEMALE2163Senior Women
Hennigan, OliviaFEMALE347F45Roscommon Harriers A.C.
Henson, TeresaFemale2323F65Athlone A.C.
Hernandez, EduardoMALE1751M40
Herrity, JohnMALE1993M40
Heskin, ClaireFEMALE774Senior Women
Heskin, GerFEMALE772F60
Heskin, JoeMALE775Senior Men
Heskin, MikeMALE773M65
Heskin, RachelFEMALE776Senior Women
Hession, AilbheFEMALE1020Senior Women
Hession, DarrenMale3012Senior Men
Hession, JohnnyMale2689M40
Hession, MichealMALE1854M45
Hester, AislingFEMALE528Senior Women
Hester, JoeMALE912Senior Men
Hester, ThomasMALE884Senior Men
Heverin, BronaghFEMALE949F55Tír Chonaill A.C.
Heverin, CiaraFEMALE453F50Corrib A.C.
Heverin, YvonneFEMALE735F45Maree A.C
Hickey, AmandaFEMALE1527Senior Women
Hickey, BredaFemale2544F55Athlone A.C.
Hickey, BrianMale2885Senior Men
Hickey, DeclanMALE1210Senior Men
Hickey, GearoidMALE83M50
Hickey, KarenFEMALE82F45
Hickey, SeanMALE1526M40
Hicks, DanMALE1449Senior Men
Higgins, BernadetteFEMALE471F45
Higgins, BrendanMALE781M50
Higgins, BrendanMALE1514M60
Higgins, ColmMALE680Senior Men
Higgins, DavidMale2353Senior Men
Higgins, DerekMALE2661Senior MenCOPE
Higgins, DesMALE654M55
Higgins, EmmettMALE469M50
Higgins, EoinMALE549M45
Higgins, FionaFEMALE681F40
Higgins, JeanFEMALE2152F40
Higgins, JoeMALE468M70
Higgins, JonnyMALE2240Senior Men
Higgins, KarenFEMALE2212F45
Higgins, LindaFEMALE1513Senior Women
Higgins, LisaFEMALE1474F50
Higgins, MichelleFEMALE550F40
Higgins, OrlaFEMALE911Senior Women
Higgins, PatrickMale2793Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Higgins, RobertMALE470Junior Men
Higgins, RobertMALE1068M40
Higgins, SeamusMALE1893Senior Men
Hill, JessicaFEMALE1137Senior Women
Hill, PatrickMale3128M55Ferbane A.C.
Hinchy, MichaelMALE2630Senior MenBoston Scientific
Hincu, VictorMALE2139Senior Men
Hind, RubyFemale2464Senior Women
Hirst, StephFEMALE126F40
Hoban, RachaelFEMALE900Senior Women
Hobbert, GarryMALE1612M45Sportsworld A.C.
Hodgins, JasonMale3088Senior Men
Hogam, GaryMale2791Senior Men
Hogan, AnnieFEMALE1414F40
Hogan, DamienMale2844M45
Hogan, EmmaFEMALE1429Senior Women
Hogan, GerardMale2964Senior Men
Hogan, JoeMALE1428M65
Hogan, MelissaFEMALE1788Senior Women
Hołda, TomaszMALE1434Senior Men
Holland Giblin, DeirdreFEMALE1082F40East Galway A.C.
Holland, MartinMALE1593M50Maree A.C
Holland, NoelMALE1422M50
Holland, SineadFEMALE1594F50Maree A.C
Holleran Mullins, GráinneFEMALE1167F40
Holleran, ShaneMALE2033Senior Men
Holleran, StephenMale2862M45Dundrum South Dublin A.C.
Holmes, KatieFEMALE1974Senior Women
Holohan, EddieMale2558Senior Men
Honeywood, HillaryFEMALE481F45
Horan, StevenMALE1083M45
Hosty, LouiseFEMALE1987Senior Women
Hosty, MaryFEMALE733F55Maree A.C
Houlihan, LewisMALE2086Senior Men
Houlihan, NiamhFEMALE844Senior Women
Hourigan, CaoimheFEMALE1529Junior Women
Hourigan, JohnMALE1528M45
Hourigan, MichelleFEMALE1118Senior Women
Howard, SiobhánFEMALE1284F40
Howley, MarkMALE349M40
Howley, NicolaFEMALE189Senior Women
Howley, NicolaFEMALE1971Senior Women
Huan, HuilunFemale2792Senior Women
Hubbard, GaryMALE129Senior Men
Hughes, ChristopherMALE1947M50
Hughes, EamonnMALE1680M50
Hughes, HenryMale2846Senior Men
Hughes, KeithMALE1708M45
Hughes, LiamMALE2617M40Boston Scientific
Hunt, RoisinFemale2993Senior Women
Hunt, ShaneMALE1530Senior Men
Hunter, GraceFEMALE122F40Doneraile A.C.
Hurson, KatieFEMALE191Senior Women
Hurst, ClionaFEMALE1451Senior Women
Hussey, EugeneMALE1706M55
Hyland, DeclanMALE2629M40Boston Scientific
Hynes, AideenFEMALE1323F40
Hynes, ElaineFEMALE524Senior Women
Hynes, FrancesFemale3018F70
Hynes, GeraldineFemale2492F40Corrib A.C.
Hynes, GerryMale3017M65
Hynes, JohnMALE665Senior Men
Hynes, KatieFEMALE1403Senior Women
Hynes, MaeveFEMALE2047Senior WomenCraughwell A.C.
Hynes, MartinMALE2026M75Tuam A.C.
Hynes, MichelleFEMALE760Senior Women
Hynes, TrishaFEMALE298Senior Women
Ide Ni DomhnaillFEMALE10
Idu, MaryroseFEMALE2272Senior Women
Igoe, JoeMale2717Senior MenDunboyne A.C.
Ihde, FionaFEMALE364Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Irwin, SeanMALE2106M55
Jackson, ValerieFEMALE721F45Corofin A.C.
Jacobsen, LauraFEMALE274Senior Women
Jagodic, AilbheFEMALE1761Senior Women
Janson, CarlMale3109M50
Janson, Greta-JeanFemale3129Junior Women
Janson, VanessaFEMALE1988F45
Jarnstrom, JenniferFemale2346Senior Women
Jenkins Gorham, LisaFEMALE829F40Corrib A.C.
Jenkinson, GrahamMale2314M45
Jennings, ClaireFEMALE360Senior Women
Jennings, HilaryFEMALE939F50
Jennings, KevinMALE940M50
Joel, ChristopherMALE1154Senior Men
Johnson, MarkMALE485M55
Johnson, RichardMALE1388M55
Johnstone, AoifeFEMALE1869F40
Johnstone, JamesMale3085Junior Men
Johnstone, WilliamMale3086M50
Jolley, MagsFEMALE441Senior Women
Jones, FionaFEMALE1038F50
Jordan, MikeMALE241M45
Jordan, OliviaFEMALE1427F45
Jordan, SiobhanFEMALE242F40
Jordan, SiobhanFEMALE2065F45
Joy, BrendanMALE483Senior MenKillarney Valley A.C.
Joyce, AdrianMALE255M40
Joyce, AmandaFEMALE56Senior Women
Joyce, CaitrionaFEMALE514Senior Women
Joyce, DavidMale2855Senior Men
Joyce, DudleyMale2592M55
Joyce, EamonnMALE2625M40Boston Scientific
Joyce, JessFEMALE1648F40
Joyce, KieranMALE1825M40
Joyce, MaryFEMALE473F40Corrib A.C.
Joyce, NeilMALE1287Senior Men
Joyce, PaulMale3005M40
Joyce, RonanMALE928M40
Joyce, ShannonFemale2501F40
Joyce, SusanFEMALE1037Senior Women
Joynt, RachaelFemale2986F40
Juhasz, RolandMALE60M40
Jurkiewicz, KasiaFEMALE1497Senior Women
Kadam, AmolMALE2124Senior Men
Kane, DesireeFEMALE1737F55
Karnas, AgaFEMALE2110Senior Women
Kavanagh, BridFEMALE813F60
Kavanagh, CiaraFEMALE1259Senior Women
Kavanagh, FionaFEMALE66F45
Kavanagh, GraceFEMALE930Senior Women
Kavanagh, LauraFEMALE330F40
Kavanagh, RachelFemale3004F45
Kavanagh, RonanMALE929M50
Kavanagh, VincentMale2435M50
Kawanaka-Meaney, YukariFEMALE881F40
Keady, AoifeFEMALE70Senior Women
Keady, OrlaFEMALE69Senior Women
Keane, BernieFemale2890F50
Keane, BrianMALE1152M50
Keane, ClaireFEMALE1650F45
Keane, DarinaFemale3125Senior Women
Keane, JasonMale2479M45
Keane, JohnMALE705M50
Keane, LiamMALE2031M60
Keane, LisaFEMALE78F40
Keane, LorraineFEMALE52Senior WomenTuam A.C.
Keane, MartinMale2836M75Athenry A.C.
Keane, NiamhFEMALE2032Senior Women
Keane, PamelaFEMALE1163Senior Women
Keane, PatrickMALE1248M55
Keane, RitaFEMALE1271F60
Keane, SiobhanFEMALE2138F40South Galway A.C.
Keaney, DiarmuidMALE1801M50
Kearney, KevinMALE1821M45
Kearney, MargaretFEMALE537F55
Kearney, PaulMALE1900M40
Kearney, PetrinaFEMALE1815F40
Kearney, YvonneFEMALE1899F40
Kearns, GrahamMALE218M50
Kearns, PaulMALE2605Senior MenBoston Scientific
Kearns, SuzetteFEMALE2238F45
Keating, DanMALE1747Senior Men
Keating, DarinaFEMALE819F45
Keating, SuzanneFEMALE301F45
Keaveney, ColmMALE447Senior Men
Keavney, AdamMALE2042Senior Men
Keegan, MartinaFEMALE153F45Donore Harriers A.C.
Keehan, ThomasMALE1089Senior Men
Keenan, AmyFemale2428Senior Women
Keenan, AoibheannFEMALE1509Junior Women
Keenan, FranMALE1508M50
Keenan, KevinMALE1243M40
Keenan, SarahFemale2442Senior Women
Kelly, AimeeFEMALE1131Senior Women
Kelly, AineFemale2317F45
Kelly, AlanMALE73M40
Kelly, AlanMALE2014M50
Kelly, AngieFEMALE54F45
Kelly, AnnetteFemale2413F60
Kelly, AoifeFEMALE2290Senior Women
Kelly, BridFEMALE140Senior Women
Kelly, ChristianMALE2609M45Boston Scientific
Kelly, ClaireFEMALE356Senior Women
Kelly, ClaireFEMALE1147F50
Kelly, DavidMALE746M50
Kelly, DavidMALE1882M50
Kelly, DavidMale2506Senior Men
Kelly, DerekMALE1777M50
Kelly, EdwinaFemale2362Senior WomenAthenry A.C.
Kelly, ElaFEMALE546F40
Kelly, ElaineFEMALE74F45
Kelly, EoghanMALE1778Junior Men
Kelly, EugeniaFEMALE2108F60
Kelly, FergusMALE1385M45Craughwell A.C.
Kelly, FrancisMALE1875Senior Men
Kelly, GeneMALE591Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Kelly, JenniferFemale3024F55Roscommon Harriers A.C.
Kelly, JohnMALE101Senior Men
Kelly, JohnMALE2620Senior MenBoston Scientific
Kelly, KeithMALE814Senior Men
Kelly, LeanneFEMALE173F40
Kelly, MaireFEMALE2067F65
Kelly, MaireadFEMALE769F40
Kelly, MaryFEMALE1187F55
Kelly, NatashaFEMALE1441F40
Kelly, NiallMale2423Senior Men
Kelly, NoelleFEMALE872F40
Kelly, OisínMALE1571Senior Men
Kelly, OrlaFEMALE1191F40
Kelly, PatMale2983M45Athenry A.C.
Kelly, PaulaFEMALE1639F45
Kelly, RobertMale2703Senior Men
Kelly, SandraFemale3089F40
Kelly, SharonFEMALE2672F50COPE
Kelly, SineadFEMALE178F40
Kelly, SineadFEMALE413F45
Kelly, SiobhanFEMALE324F45
Kelly, TraceyFEMALE1569Senior Women
Kelly, TriciaFEMALE1896Senior Women
Kelly, YvonneFEMALE238Senior Women
Kemple, AdrienneFEMALE1873F45
Kenihan, RoryMale2995Senior Men
Kennedy, CathalMALE972M50
Kennedy, ChristineFEMALE194F65Galway City Harriers A.C.
Kennedy, DanielleFEMALE428F45
Kennedy, EmmaFEMALE2091F40
Kennedy, IanMALE2611Senior MenBoston Scientific
Kennedy, JohnMALE870M40
Kennedy, KarenFEMALE1033F45
Kennedy, KevinMALE486Senior Men
Kennedy, KieranMALE477M40
Kennedy, LauraFemale2527F40
Kennedy, MaryFEMALE359F45
Kennedy, PierceMALE181M40
Kennedy, RonanMALE500Senior Men
Kennedy, SiobhanFEMALE1176F40
Kennedy, SiobhánFEMALE1022Senior Women
Kenny, AidanMALE918M40
Kenny, AineFEMALE1417F40Crusaders A.C.
Kenny, AislingFEMALE651F40
Kenny, AnthonyMALE668M55
Kenny, BrianMale2735M50
Kenny, DillonMALE2175Senior Men
Kenny, FeargalMALE704Senior Men
Kenny, FionaFEMALE1149Senior Women
Kenny, GavinMale2861Senior Men
Kenny, IanMALE608M40Derg A.C.
Kenny, JeanFEMALE955F40
Kenny, MichaelMale2722Senior Men
Kenny, NeilMale2409M40
Kenny, PatrickMALE1316M65
Kenny, SarahFEMALE1200Senior Women
Kenny, SiobhanFEMALE676F50
Kenny, SiobhanFEMALE1658Senior Women
Keogh, JasonMALE1465Senior Men
Keogh, ShaneMale2300Senior Men
Keogh, SineadFEMALE1165F40
Kerr, DonalMALE1740Senior Men
Kerrigan, MichaelMALE761M40
Keusch, JerryMale2848M60
Keville, ShaneMale2891M45
Kevin, HenryMale2491Junior Men
Kieda, GrzegorzMale2333M40
Kiely, MichaelMALE1574Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Kierce, RitaFEMALE1564F60St. Marys (Clare) A.C.
Kiernan, GeraldineFemale2327F45
Kiernan, SimoneFemale2818F45
Kilcommins, DaraghMale2819Senior Men
Kilcullen, NikkiFEMALE659F40
Kilgallon, SarahFemale2401F45
Kilgannon, BridFEMALE1956F60Caltra and District A.C.
Kilgannon, KieranMALE1656Senior Men
Kilkelly, HazelFemale2690Senior Women
Kilkelly, IanMALE1355Senior Men
Kilkenny, EilishFEMALE1914F50Athenry A.C.
Kilkenny, GaryMALE1161Senior Men
Kilkenny, GeraldineFEMALE2101Senior WomenLoughrea A.C.
Kilkenny, JamesMale3095Senior Men
Killeen, ShaneMale2845Senior Men
Killian, EoghanMale2876Junior Men
Killian, JayneFEMALE2104F50Galway City Harriers A.C.
Killian, SarahFemale2980F40
Kilroy, EvanMALE1638M40
Kilroy, HelenFemale2348Senior Women
Kilroy, LorraineFemale2923F40
King Lee, MeganFEMALE1442Senior Women
King, AnnFemale2829F50
King, BarryMALE861Senior Men
King, DeirdreFEMALE757F50
King, EimearFemale2563F40
King, FionaFEMALE758Senior Women
King, FrankMALE1877M45Castlegar A.C.
King, HarryMale2828Senior Men
King, SeánMale2410Senior Men
King, TaraFemale2889Senior Women
King, ThomasMALE275M40
Kinirons, BrianMALE2234M60
Kinnane, DaraMALE2640Senior MenRDJ
Kinsella, BenMALE400M50
Kinsella, JuliaFEMALE1534F40Maree A.C
Kinsella, OrlaFEMALE1343Senior Women
Kirby, JohnMALE2122M70
Kirk, UnaFEMALE1486F55
Kirrane, MaryFemale2895F40
Kirwan, DarraghMALE1076Senior Men
Kitson, HayleyFEMALE2648Senior WomenRDJ
Kiveney, RebeccaFEMALE1543Senior Women
Kleckovas, RemiMALE2090Senior Men
Knauer, SaoirseFEMALE1113Senior Women
Knight, ClaireFEMALE1695F60Dooneen A.C.
Kostrubiec, KubaMale3023Junior Men
Kowalewicz, MonikaFemale2976F45
Kowzan, KrzysztofMale2731Senior Men
Kp, RameshMALE1938Senior Men
Kriukaite, JulijaFEMALE1948Senior Women
Kummer, BrianMALE1246Senior Men
Kutkowski, RafalMALE2076Senior Men
Kuvaldina, OlgaFemale3032F55
Kyne, EoinMALE1558Junior Men
La Comber, ShaneMale2755M40
Lacken, PatrickMale2827Senior Men
Lackey, DerekMALE1032M40
Lafferty, DamianMALE1159Senior Men
Lafferty, MichaelMale2359Senior Men
Laffey, CarolineFEMALE62F40East Galway A.C.
Laheen, MartinMale2743M55
Laheen, OliverMale2733M45
Lally, AngelaFEMALE1781F50
Lally, HelenFemale2535Senior Women
Lally, LorraineFemale2414Senior Women
Lally, PadraigMALE1780M55
Lally, PadraigMALE1982M40
Lally, RonanMALE2176Senior Men
Lally, SadhbhFEMALE325Senior Women
Lally, SusanFEMALE2614F40Boston Scientific
Lally, SusanneFemale2303F45
Lally, ZakMALE442Senior Men
Lambert, PhilipMale3122M55
Lane Ryan, MaireadFEMALE1711F50
Lane, TaraFEMALE338Senior Women
Langan, ChrisMale2594M60
Langan, CormacMALE2222M40Westport A.C.
Langan, DonieMALE1838M50
Langan, LauraFEMALE2221F40Westport A.C.
Lanigan, AdrianMALE272M45Sportsworld A.C.
Lanigan, NeilMALE210M45Donore Harriers A.C.
Lardner, EmilyFEMALE1464Senior Women
Lardner, JasonMALE954M40
Larkin, AislingFEMALE1199Senior Women
Larkin, BrendanMALE570M50
Larkin, EamonnMALE478M45
Larkin, FinbarMALE2070M45
Larkin, GavinMale2834Senior Men
Larkin, LarryMALE573M50
Larkin, Pat Male22M70Pat
Larkin, PatrickMale2456M75
Larkin, SarahFEMALE310Senior Women
Laura MooneyFEMALE11
Lavelle, CeliaFEMALE121Senior Women
Lavelle, DeclanMALE226M40
Lavelle, DeirdreFEMALE117F45
Lavelle, GeraldineFEMALE517Senior Women
Lavery, EoinMALE957Senior Men
Lavery, FergalMale2915M40
Lavery, SiobhanFEMALE958Senior Women
Lavin, Anna MarieFEMALE2252F50Swinford A.C.
Lavin, PaulMALE2253M50Swinford A.C.
Lawler, Debbie FEMALE2645F40RDJ
Lawless, DaveMale2561M40
Lawless, KieranMALE1485M60
Lawless, MikeMALE2103M55
Lawlor, SusanneFemale2326F40
Lawrence, AaronMALE2660Senior MenCOPE
Lazaris, DanaiFEMALE745Senior Women
Leacy, AnneFEMALE1229F55
Leacy, MarkMALE1228M55
Leahy, FrancesFemale3027F60Athenry A.C.
Leahy, JimMale3026M60Athenry A.C.
Leahy, RebeccaFEMALE1060Senior Women
Leavey, GerryMALE2009M55
Ledoux, KellyFemale2540Senior Women
Ledwith, Shane LedwithMALE2081M45
Lee, DanielleFEMALE340Senior Women
Lee, EmmettMALE1945M45Castlegar A.C.
Lee, KeithMALE509Senior Men
Lee, KellyFEMALE1235F40
Lee, MichaelMale2385M40
Lee, PaulaFEMALE365F55
Lee, SharonFemale2384F50
Lee, SineadFemale2392Senior Women
Leen, MichaelMALE971M45
Leigh, RichardMALE2287Senior Men
Len, HelFemale2554F50
Lenehan, JohnMale2447Senior Men
Lenehan, MarcellaFEMALE408F40
Lenehan, MichaelMale2446M55
Lenihan, JamesMALE685Senior MenDublin Front Runners A.C.
Lenihan, LindaFEMALE177F45
Lennon, CaitrionaFEMALE1444Senior Women
Lennon, CiaraFEMALE540Senior Women
Lennon, ClodaghFEMALE1964F40
Lennon, KevinMale2541Senior Men
Lennon, MariaFemale2676F55
Lennon, RobMALE1084M40Castlegar A.C.
Lennon, ThomasMALE247M40
Lennon, YvonneFemale2796Senior Women
Leonard, CaitrionaFemale3069Senior Women
Leslie, TaraFemale2337Senior Women
Leydon, JosephMALE755Senior Men
Li, MengqiFemale2849Senior Women
Liao, Chieh JuFEMALE2107Senior Women
Lillis, JordanFEMALE1126Senior Women
Lim Joon, EileenFEMALE1135F50
Lindsay, DonalMALE444Senior Men
Linehan, StephanieFEMALE521Senior Women
Link-Gordon, LaurieFEMALE947F45
Little, DarrenMale2325Senior Men
Little, KatherineFemale3028F40
Lodge, SineadFEMALE886Senior Women
Loftus, RosannaFemale3094Senior Women
Loftus, RuthFemale2794Senior Women
Lohan, BillMALE566M50
Long, DavidMALE113M45
Long, EmlynMALE1347M45
Long, EmlynMALE1806M45
Long, LorraineFemale2339F40
Loomes, KeelaFemale2439Junior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Lopez, Alejandra GoyoFEMALE1752Senior Women
López, RebecaFEMALE2183Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Loughnane, BarryMALE908Senior Men
Loughnane, JohnMALE1939M45
Loughnane, MarkMale2516Senior Men
Loughney, TaraFEMALE2292Senior Women
Loughrey, AidanMALE1613Senior Men
Loughrey, KennethMALE976M40Sliabh Ban A.C.
Loughrey, RitaFEMALE2169F55Caltra and District A.C.
Lowe, AoifeFemale2478Senior Women
Lowery, AoifeFEMALE686F40
Lowry, BrianMale3126Senior Men
Lowry, FrankMALE836M40
Lowry, LiamMALE1748M80
Lowther, ClaireFEMALE656Senior Women
Lu, JunlinMale2473Senior Men
Ludden, CiaraFEMALE657Senior Women
Luft, ReginaFEMALE496F50
Lundon, EileenFEMALE2085Senior WomenSouth Galway A.C.
Lundon, GregMALE2084M45South Galway A.C.
Lupton, JennyFEMALE246F45
Lusted, AoifeFemale2424F40
Lusted, KarlMale2425M50
Luzenczyk-Spence, IwonaFemale2921F40
Lvslle, MajellaFEMALE2194Senior Women
Lydon, AnnFEMALE1649F60
Lydon, CathalMALE2230M40
Lydon, DanielMALE933Senior Men
Lydon, JackieFEMALE341Senior Women
Lydon, LisaFEMALE914F40
Lydon, NoelMALE254Senior Men
Lydon, PatMALE1252M40
Lydon, SallyFEMALE1251F40
Lydon, SineadFEMALE1453Senior Women
Lydon, StellaFEMALE1223F40
Lynch, BreegeFEMALE1315F45
Lynch, ColmMale2683Senior Men
Lynch, DerekMALE1927M40
Lynch, EdelFEMALE1960Senior Women
Lynch, GemmaFEMALE1872Senior Women
Lynch, GeraldMALE648M40
Lynch, KatieFemale2681Senior Women
Lynch, LisaFEMALE1969Senior Women
Lynch, MargueriteFEMALE1653F50
Lynch, MarionFEMALE759Senior Women
Lynch, MartinaFEMALE647F40
Lynch, MaryFEMALE1326F45
Lynch, MaryFEMALE1537F55
Lynch, PadraicMALE1115M40
Lynn, SeanMALE333M40
Lyons, AilbheFemale2440Senior Women
Lyons, BernadetteFEMALE711F60
Lyons, ClareFemale2581Senior Women
Lyons, ConorMALE970Junior Men
Lyons, FionaFemale2881F50
Lyons, KateFemale2775Senior Women
Lyons, MarkMale2311M45
Lyons, MaryFEMALE374F55
Lyons, NiallMALE1865M45Athenry A.C.
Lyons, RobynFEMALE373Senior Women
Lyons, SeanMALE1397M40
Mac An Iascaire, ThomasMale2712Senior Men
Mac Domhnaill, CarmelFemale2679F65West Limerick A.C.
Mac Donncha, CathalMALE404Senior Men
Mac Donncha, MichealMALE2200M45
Mac Farlane, KirstyFEMALE1042Senior Women
Mac Fhlannchadha, SeamasMALE329M55
Mac Sweeney, EimearFemale2908Senior Women
Maccabe, Ann MarieFemale2418F40
Maccathmhaoil, MarcMALE228M45
Macdonagh, StevenMALE1457Senior Men
Maceoin, SineadFemale2752F45
Macfhionnain, ProinsiasMale2799M65
Macgiobuin, EamonMALE876M75
Mackey, Mari-LouiseFEMALE439Senior Women
Mackey, MikeMale2416M40
Maclean, AlexMale3016M40
Macmahon, DeirdreFemale2463Senior Women
Macnamara, LorettaFEMALE1560F60
Macnamara, MariaFEMALE571F50
Macsweeney, PatMale2907M55South Galway A.C.
Madden, DeckyMALE2027M55Castlegar A.C.
Madden, GaryMALE1525M45Derg A.C.
Madden, KarlMALE527Senior Men
Madden, OrlaFEMALE1301F55
Madden, OrlaFemale3107F40
Madigan, ConorMALE2064Senior MenSt. John's A.C.
Maduka, ReginaFEMALE964Senior Women
Magnier, PhilipMALE186M70Athenry A.C.
Maguire, ArtMale2322M40
Maguire, BarryMALE1247M50
Maguire, PeterMALE2244M45
Maguire, TommyMale2782Senior Men
Mahecha Lopez, Juan DiegoMALE2160Senior Men
Maher, AdamMALE1325Senior Men
Maher, EdMALE1208M40
Maher, EdMALE1393M40
Maher, FrankMALE1705M40
Mahon, AndreaFEMALE1361Senior Women
Mahon, DavidMALE1350M45
Mahon, DavidMale2678Senior Men
Mahon, JohnMale2294M60
Mahon, PatMALE1046M60
Mahon, SophieFEMALE1010Senior Women
Mahon, WilliamMALE1005M65
Major, EmmetMALE975M50
Malandain, LeeFEMALE590Senior Women
Malone, AideenMALE2655Senior MenCOPE
Malone, CarmelFemale2502F50
Malone, JosephMALE996Senior Men
Maloney, DarrylMALE561Senior Men
Maloney, GeorgeMALE2048Senior Men
Maloney, NiallMALE560Senior Men
Mannion, ColetteFEMALE2236F45
Mannion, DanielMALE1011Senior Men
Mannion, GraceFEMALE251F50
Mannion, GregMale2304M45
Mannion, JohnMALE135M50Loughrea A.C.
Mannion, John MALE2606M50Boston Scientific
Mannion, MaryFEMALE1563F65
Manogue, AaronMALE2080Senior Men
Marengo, RoseFemale2942Senior Women
Marron, MikeMALE2181M50
Marshall, AdamMALE564Senior Men
Martin, AlishaFemale2481Senior Women
Martin, AmandaFEMALE1768Senior Women
Martin, DaveMALE1769Senior Men
Martin, KarlMALE810Senior Men
Martin, ShaneMale3123Senior Men
Martin, TomMale2482Senior Men
Martins, NicholiFemale2476Senior Women
Martyn, AislingFEMALE219Senior Women
Martyn, MarieFEMALE1237F50
Martyn, MauriceMALE1823M60
Martyn, NoelMale2973M50
Mason, KarlMALE1141Senior Men
Masterson, SeanMALE1059M45
Mathur, DarshMale2854Senior Men
Maughan, EmerFEMALE1813F50Maree A.C
Mc Allen, ColmMale2597M40Craughwell A.C.
Mc Andrew, FergalMALE1171M55
Mc Andrew, NollaigFEMALE119Senior Women
Mc Anena, PeterMale3114Senior Men
Mc Ardle, FionaFEMALE1177F40
Mc Brierty, Martha IvyFemale2680Senior Women
Mc Cabe, BrianMALE94M50
Mc Call, AshleyMALE864Senior MenDublin Front Runners A.C.
Mc Call, IanMALE806Senior Men
Mc Callion, AdrianMale2466M60
Mc Callion, AilbheFemale2465Junior Women
Mc Cann, KaylaFEMALE100Senior Women
Mc Carron, ShaneMALE237M45
Mc Carthy, AislingFemale2934Senior Women
Mc Carthy, ErinFEMALE358Senior Women
Mc Carthy, MichaelMale2422Senior Men
Mc Carthy, NoreenFEMALE1891F45
Mc Caul, ShaunaFemale2367F40
Mc Clearn, KieranMale2966M40
Mc Cluskey, AngelaFEMALE2054F70
Mc Cluskey, PadraicMALE2053Senior Men
Mc Conkey, RobertMALE499M50
Mc Conville, AoifeFEMALE1972Senior Women
Mc Cooey, StephenMale2838Senior Men
Mc Cormack, AngelaFEMALE1184F45
Mc Cormack, JohnMALE1419M50
Mc Cormack, MarieFEMALE1922F60
Mc Cormack, MichaelMale3045M55
Mc Cullough, CelineFEMALE89F45
Mc Cullough, PatriciaFemale2572F45
Mc Cullough, PaulaFEMALE380F50
Mc Daid, DavidMALE351M55
Mc Dermott, CarmelFEMALE1345F55
Mc Dermott, DerekMALE1977M40
Mc Dermott, EmerFemale3011F55
Mc Dermott, EoghanMALE1454M40
Mc Dermott, JamesMALE945M45
Mc Dermott, LarryMALE1346M55
Mc Dermott, LauraFemale3014F40
Mc Dermott, MaireadFEMALE669Senior WomenLoughrea A.C.
Mc Dermott, MartinMALE1903M60Kilkenny City Harriers A.C.
Mc Dermott, NoraFEMALE2044F55
Mc Dermott, PadraigMALE1719M45
Mc Dermott, PaulMALE1532M50
Mc Dermott, SeanMale2776M45Castlegar A.C.
Mc Dermott, ShaneMALE2247M45
Mc Donagh, CathyFemale3009F60
Mc Donagh, DerekMale3070M40
Mc Donagh, FrankMALE145M40East Galway A.C.
Mc Donagh, LiamMALE1389M40
Mc Donagh, LucyFEMALE146F45
Mc Donagh, MargaretFemale2935F45
Mc Donagh, MartinaFEMALE826F50
Mc Donagh, MeganFemale2936Junior Women
Mc Donagh, RuthFEMALE2137F40
Mc Donagh, ShaneMALE1471Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Mc Donagh, SiobhanFEMALE545Senior Women
Mc Donald, ClodaghFemale2924Senior Women
Mc Donald, JoanFEMALE1857F55
Mc Donald, JohnMALE1709M40
Mc Donald, MaryFemale2697F45
Mc Donnell, AislingFEMALE1394Senior Women
Mc Donnell, AnnFemale2766F45Mayo A.C.
Mc Donnell, CiaraFEMALE1824F40
Mc Donnell, DeclanMALE1959M55
Mc Donnell, DeeFEMALE834Senior Women
Mc Donnell, JimMale2767M55
Mc Donnell, ShaneMALE835Senior Men
Mc Elarney, TomMALE313M55North East Runners A.C.
Mc Eleney, JimMALE581M65
Mc Elwaine, BrendanMALE1090Senior Men
Mc Eneaney, RoisinFEMALE2078F50
Mc Enery, MichaelMale2894M45
Mc Enroe, AnneFEMALE168F40Athlone A.C.
Mc Entee, RéamonnMALE1231Senior Men
Mc Eveney, PatrickMALE1418Senior Men
Mc Evoy, DavidMALE1437Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Mc Evoy, EimearFEMALE630F40
Mc Evoy, EoinMALE629M45
Mc Evoy, PatMale2427M55
Mc Evoy, RebeccaFemale3034Senior WomenSt. Finbarrs A.C.
Mc Gann, ShaunaFEMALE1994F40
Mc Garr, SFEMALE361Senior Women
Mc Garry, AoifeFEMALE2178F40
Mc Garry, SarahFEMALE1501F40
Mc Gauley, NiamhFEMALE448F40Corrib A.C.
Mc Gee, MarieFEMALE1298F50
Mc Geehan, EimearFEMALE1265Senior Women
Mc Geehan, MaireFEMALE1784F50
Mc Geehan, MichaelMALE1783M50
Mc Ghee, AndrewMALE1496Senior Men
Mc Ginley, BeatriceFEMALE1352F50
Mc Ginley, CathalMALE1353M50
Mc Ginn, OisínMALE235Senior Men
Mc Glinchey, NicolaFemale2445F40
Mc Glynn, DavidMale2694Senior MenWaterford A.C.
Mc Glynn, SeanMALE2159M45
Mc Goldrick, GabrielMALE1881M55
Mc Gonigle, CianMale2599Senior Men
Mc Gonigle, LiamMALE785Senior Men
Mc Govern, PhilipMale2790M40
Mc Gowan, RuairiMALE520Senior MenBlackrock (Dublin) A.C.
Mc Gowan, SineadFEMALE677F50
Mc Grath, CaolanMALE1300Senior Men
Mc Grath, EdelFEMALE229F45
Mc Grath, FearghalMALE1746Senior Men
Mc Grath, HelenFEMALE734F40Maree A.C
Mc Grath, KelsiFemale2504Senior Women
Mc Grath, LisaFemale2394Senior WomenEnnis Track A.C.
Mc Grath, MajellaFEMALE667F55Roscommon Harriers A.C.
Mc Grath, MartinMALE577M45
Mc Grath, MaryFEMALE603F50
Mc Grath, MikeMALE604M50
Mc Grath, RobertMale2505Senior Men
Mc Grath, SandraFEMALE1377F40
Mc Grath, SeanMALE348Senior Men
Mc Grath, StellaFemale2900F45
Mc Grath, TeresaFEMALE833F50
Mc Grath, ThomasMALE2279M40Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Mc Greal, AvrilFEMALE1589F55Swinford A.C.
Mc Greal, CiaranMALE1244Senior Men
Mc Greal, NatalieFEMALE1735Senior Women
Mc Greal, RaymondMALE1590M60Swinford A.C.
Mc Groddy, MaryFEMALE175F60
Mc Guiness, NiallMale3121M40
Mc Guinness, DeclanMALE1920M55
Mc Guire, MargaretFEMALE506F45
Mc Guire, RonanMale2867M40
Mc Hale, CathalMALE167M40
Mc Hale, MichelleFEMALE166F40
Mc Hugh, CaitrionaFEMALE1014F60
Mc Hugh, ColmMALE1473Senior Men
Mc Hugh, GemmaFEMALE1665Senior Women
Mc Hugh, JasonMale3015M45
Mc Hugh, SharonFEMALE1057Senior Women
Mc Ilwaine, AdamMALE1499Senior Men
Mc Ilwaine, GarryMALE1500M65
Mc Intyre, MartinaFEMALE717F50
Mc Keefry, PearseMALE460Senior Men
Mc Kenna, AmyFEMALE363Senior Women
Mc Kenna, CiaraFemale2512Senior Women
Mc Kenna, JoeMALE1979M60
Mc Kenna, NeilMALE600M50
Mc Kenna, NicolaFEMALE451Senior WomenCorrib A.C.
Mc Kenna, RuthFEMALE143Senior Women
Mc Kenzie Vass, HughMale2437M40
Mc Kernan, AnnaFemale2707Junior Women
Mc Kernan, DavidMale2705M55
Mc Kernan, MatthewMale2706Senior Men
Mc Kernon, PatrickMale3105Senior Men
Mc Kiernan, CarolFEMALE1669Senior Women
Mc Kinnon, FionaFemale2560F50
Mc Laughlin, EndaMALE871M40
Mc Loughlin, AilbheFemale2507F40
Mc Loughlin, BeckyFemale2700Senior Women
Mc Loughlin, DanielleFemale2702Senior Women
Mc Loughlin, JohnMALE260M50
Mc Loughlin, MaryFEMALE2034F65Caltra and District A.C.
Mc Loughlin, NikkiFemale2411F40
Mc Loughlin, PaulMale2903M60
Mc Mahon, AnneFEMALE1030F45
Mc Mahon, ChrisMale2742Senior Men
Mc Mahon, CiaranMALE277M40
Mc Mahon, EvanMale2682Senior Men
Mc Mahon, FrancisMALE1278M55Kilnaboy A.C.
Mc Mahon, GerardMALE1575M65
Mc Mahon, JamesMALE1392M45South Galway A.C.
Mc Mahon, JoeMALE394M70
Mc Mahon, LisaFemale2892Senior Women
Mc Mahon, LynnFEMALE395Senior Women
Mc Manus, GrettaFEMALE1093F50
Mc Manus, JamieMale3030Senior Men
Mc Manus, MaeveFEMALE429Senior Women
Mc Manus, NiallMale2850Senior Men
Mc Manus, UnaFEMALE994F45
Mc Menamin, AngelaFemale2804F40
Mc Morrow, AoifeFemale2840Junior Women
Mc Morrow, FergalMALE285Senior Men
Mc Namara, CathalMale2972Senior Men
Mc Namara, DeclanMale2825Senior Men
Mc Namara, DeirdreFEMALE437Senior Women
Mc Namara, EannaMale2944Senior Men
Mc Namara, EoinMALE1991Senior Men
Mc Namara, KennethMALE1934Senior Men
Mc Namara, PeterMALE2189M60
Mc Namara, RoisinFEMALE323F40
Mc Namara, RuthFEMALE1062Senior Women
Mc Namara, SarahFEMALE1445Senior Women
Mc Nelis, RuairiMALE1114Senior Men
Mc Nern, EndaMale2759M40
Mc Nicholas, BairbreFemale3096F40
Mc Nicholas, JamesMALE1012Senior Men
Mc Nicholas, LauraFEMALE1925Senior Women
Mc Nicholas, LornaFEMALE1381F45
Mc Nicholas, TonyMale3097M50
Mc Nulty, RonanFEMALE2277F55
Mc Quinn, LukeMALE1081Senior Men
Mc Sherry, TonyMALE797M70
Mc Sweeney, AilisFEMALE2198Senior WomenLeevale A.C.
Mc Tavish, MichelleFEMALE291F45
Mc Tiernan, RebeccaFemale2499Senior Women
Mc Tigue, AidenMale2336Senior Men
Mc Tigue, MaireadFemale2926Senior Women
Mc Tigue, MatildaFemale2997F70
Mc Tigue, TomasMALE2228M40
Mc Vann, AngelaFemale2945F50Mayo A.C.
Mc Vann, PadraigMale2946M50Mayo A.C.
Mc Walter, PaulMALE1675M55
McGee, GavinMALE2608Senior MenBoston Scientific
McGhee, MaireadFEMALE2673F55COPE
McGrath, BarryMALE2668M55COPE
McGrath, CiaraMALE2669Senior MenCOPE
McMahon, DeanMALE2612Senior MenBoston Scientific
Meade Tarpey, MaireadFEMALE2216F45Athenry A.C.
Meagher, CiaraFEMALE736Senior Women
Meagher, LiamMALE1461M60
Meagher, PatrickMALE1460M55
Mee, OrlaFEMALE1860F40
Meehan, AlisonFEMALE1207Senior Women
Meehan, AntoinetteFEMALE2184F55
Meehan, GerMALE2170M60
Meehan, Gerard Male21M55Gerard
Meehan, HelenaFEMALE1642Senior Women
Meehan, MarionFEMALE850F40
Meehan, MichaelMALE1552Senior Men
Meehan, SharonFEMALE1551Senior Women
Meeneghan, PaulMALE243M40
Meldrum, ColinMALE2207Senior Men
Melia, AidanMALE1212M40
Mellotte, DaraMALE1703Junior Men
Mellotte, MarcMALE1702M50
Melville, ColinMALE1892M40
Melville, DamienMALE943M45
Melville, MaryFemale2982F40
Melville, SeanMALE1591Senior Men
Memmo, AugustoMALE1842Senior Men
Meszaros, EmeseFEMALE180F40
Metadjer, NaoiseMALE1127M40
Metadjer, SarahFemale2600Senior Women
Michailovaite, AisteFEMALE1335Senior Women
Mikuckis, StasysMALE118Senior MenTuam A.C.
Miller, DavidMALE174M45
Miller, RachelFEMALE1239Senior Women
Minogue, DarraghMALE1477Senior Men
Minogue, MorganFEMALE1476Senior Women
Miskella, AilbheFEMALE898Senior WomenCraughwell A.C.
Miskella, CeliaFEMALE897F55Craughwell A.C.
Miskella, EmilyFEMALE899Senior WomenCraughwell A.C.
Miskella, PaulMALE1867M55Craughwell A.C.
Mitchell, AngelaFEMALE639F40Craughwell A.C.
Mitchell, CarolineFEMALE1572F50
Mitchell, JackieFemale2872F50
Mitchell, KarinaFEMALE164F40
Mitchell, LaurenaFemale2565F55
Moggan, RFEMALE1230F50
Mohan, BrianMale3067M45
Mokwena, KgumutsoFEMALE2634Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Molloy, CaitrionaFEMALE68F45
Molloy, EdwardMale2517Senior Men
Molloy, EndaMALE992Senior Men
Molloy, EoinMALE588Senior MenCastlegar A.C.
Molloy, GailFEMALE1180F45Corofin A.C.
Molloy, JamesMALE1398Senior Men
Molloy, JimMALE944M60
Molloy, LindaFemale2315F40
Molloy, MargaretFEMALE1399Senior Women
Molloy, RachelFEMALE63Senior Women
Moloney, BrianMale2773Senior Men
Moloney, CiaraFemale2566Senior Women
Moloney, JohnMALE2016M45
Moloney, KevinMALE1322Senior Men
Moloney, NiamhFEMALE327F45
Moloney, PatrickMale2760Senior Men
Monaghan, KathrynFEMALE579F50
Monaghan, PatMALE1749M40Craughwell A.C.
Monaghan, PatrickMALE1741Senior Men
Monahan, DerekMALE250M40
Monahan, FintanMALE572M55
Mongan, JenniferFEMALE2023F50
Mongan, MichaelMALE2217Senior Men
Monge Royo, LauraFEMALE1157Senior Women
Mooney, TrionaFEMALE1533F50
Moore, ClaireFEMALE1730Senior Women
Moore, TaraFEMALE2256Senior Women
Moran, AideenFEMALE1308F50
Moran, AnnetteFEMALE1269Senior Women
Moran, BrianMALE586Senior Men
Moran, BridFEMALE596F55
Moran, DeclanMALE597M55
Moran, KlaudiaFEMALE450Senior Women
Moran, MarkMALE684M40
Moran, MartinaFEMALE1306F40
Moran, MurielFEMALE2071F40Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Moran, NiallMALE376Senior Men
Moran, NiamhFEMALE598Senior Women
Moran, OliviaFEMALE839Senior Women
Moran, PaddyMALE838Senior Men
Moran, RodMALE1307M50
Moran, TrionaFemale2813Senior WomenCastlegar A.C.
Morgan, DonnaFEMALE822F50
Morkan, DanielMALE157Senior Men
Morley, KennethMALE479M45
Moroney, DeirdreFEMALE370Senior Women
Moroney, EmerFEMALE1363Senior Women
Moroney, KevinMALE1312Senior Men
Morra, EmilyFemale2837Senior Women
Morrin Laheen, IarlaithMale2814Senior Men
Morris, DesmondMALE223M70
Morris, JoeMALE445Senior Men
Morris, MichaelMALE997M45
Morris, NoreenFEMALE1433F60Athlone A.C.
Morrissey, DermotMale3003M40Caltra and District A.C.
Morrissey, HannahFEMALE743Senior Women
Morrissey, NiamhFEMALE1109F45
Morrissey, SeamusMALE640M45
Moughan, AmmFEMALE1305F50
Moughan, AnnFemale2744F50
Moylan, AdamMALE779M40
Moylan, LindaFEMALE1172F40
Moylan, RaymondMale2434Senior Men
Moylan, WinnieFEMALE1430F40
Moyo, SithembinkosiFEMALE2639Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Moysey, VasylMALE1095M50
Mpande, WitnessMALE2654M40Sanctuary Runners
Muir, SteveMALE2206Senior Men
Mukwa, Hellenna DominiqueFEMALE2637Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Mulcahy, WesleyMALE674Senior Men
Mulgrew, RoisinFEMALE172F40
Mulhall, EimearFEMALE682F50
Mulhern, AnneFEMALE1897F65Galway City Harriers A.C.
Mulhern, CiaranMale2701Senior Men
Mulhern, ClaireFEMALE1898Senior Women
Mulholland, ConorMALE1930Senior Men
Mulholland, FrancesFemale2927Senior Women
Mulkerins, MáireFEMALE1548Senior Women
Mulkerrin, MarieFemale2879Senior Women
Mullan, LeonieFemale2309F45
Mullane, AoifeFemale2719F40Craughwell A.C.
Mullaney, EmmaFEMALE924Senior Women
Mulleady, AnthonyMALE2052M60
Mullen, AidanMALE1155M40
Mullen, AislingFEMALE1019Senior Women
Mullery, JennyFemale2485F40
Mulligan, GavinMALE1570Senior Men
Mulligan, KevinMALE2121M55
Mulligan, LisaFEMALE190Senior WomenCorrib A.C.
Mulligan, MaryFEMALE2120F50
Mulligan, SeanMale2399Senior Men
Mullin, LisaFEMALE1120F40
Mullins, ColetteFemale2484F55
Mulrooney, MatthewMALE2651Senior MenRDJ
Mulryan, FionnualaFEMALE1645F45
Mulryan, RobertMALE203Senior Men
Mulryan, SeanMALE290Senior Men
Mulvihill, ColmMALE1452Senior Men
Mulvihill, JohnMALE1562Senior MenCrusaders A.C.
Munnelly, ColmMale2313M55Lucan Harriers A.C.
Murdoch, BrigidFEMALE375F55
Murphy, AnitaFEMALE227F45
Murphy, AnnetteFEMALE92Senior Women
Murphy, BernieFEMALE525Senior Women
Murphy, BrianMALE2662Senior MenCOPE
Murphy, ClaireFEMALE1483Senior Women
Murphy, ColmMale2957Senior Men
Murphy, DanielMALE1490Senior Men
Murphy, DeirdreFEMALE627F50
Murphy, EdelFEMALE97F45
Murphy, ÉimearFemale3042Senior Women
Murphy, FionaFEMALE1255Senior Women
Murphy, FionaFEMALE2195F50
Murphy, GarethMALE276M40
Murphy, GerardMale20M40Gerard
Murphy, JessicaFEMALE1522Senior Women
Murphy, JohnMALE86M40
Murphy, John PMALE1856M60
Murphy, JohnnyMALE1065M60
Murphy, NeilMALE1506M45
Murphy, NiamhFEMALE782Senior Women
Murphy, NualaFEMALE783F55
Murphy, PatrickMALE1864M50Clare River Harriers A.C.
Murphy, PatrickMale2984M40
Murphy, RachelFemale2765Senior Women
Murphy, RonanMale2723Senior Men
Murphy, SabrinaFEMALE1094F40
Murphy, ScottMale2397Senior Men
Murphy, SerenaFemale2880Senior Women
Murphy, ShannonFEMALE1491Senior Women
Murphy, VeronicaFEMALE585F45Corofin A.C.
Murran, GarethMale2490M40Sportsworld A.C.
Murray, AislinnFEMALE800Senior Women
Murray, AnnmarieFEMALE2020Senior Women
Murray, AoifeFemale2370Senior Women
Murray, BrendanMALE1142M55
Murray, EvaFEMALE1775Senior Women
Murray, FidelmaFEMALE713F55
Murray, GerryMale2436M55
Murray, JackieFEMALE790Senior Women
Murray, KymFemale2979Senior Women
Murray, LisaFEMALE1181Senior Women
Murray, LucyFEMALE382Senior Women
Murray, MaireFEMALE1762F40Maree A.C
Murray, MichelleFEMALE1627Senior Women
Murray, MichelleFemale2857F45
Murray, PaulMALE1846M45
Murray, RuaidhriMALE1404M40
Murray, SabhbhFEMALE1425Senior Women
Murray, SethMale2858Junior Men
Murray, SinéadFEMALE1379F40
Murray, TimothyMALE652Senior Men
Murray, VerniceFEMALE1845F45
Murren, JohnMALE1625Senior Men
Murtagh, MaryFEMALE873F40
Na, AdamMale2308M40
Nadarajah, EasvaranMALE1160M60
Nallen, ShaneMALE2000Senior Men
Nally, EvelynFEMALE1211F75
Nally, FrankieMALE703M50
Namanya, MonicaFEMALE2271Senior Women
Napropen, MikeMALE1758Senior Men
Naughton, AngelaFEMALE1632F50
Naughton, AoifeFEMALE2615Senior WomenBoston Scientific
Naughton, DanielMALE1218Senior Men
Naughton, GeoffreyMALE1401M75
Naughton, HarrietFemale3092F45
Naughton, JamieMale3090M45
Naughton, JoeMALE154M50
Naughton, JoeMale3091Junior Men
Naughton, NoreenaFEMALE1722Senior Women
Naughton, RaymondMALE1609M45
Naughton, RuthFEMALE171F40
Naughton, SinéadFEMALE2158F40Maree A.C
Ncube, SamanthaFEMALE2636Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Ndlovu, Mpilwehle MusaFEMALE2638Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Neary, SimonMALE1272Senior Men
Nee, LisaFEMALE475Senior WomenCorrib A.C.
Needham, MichelleFEMALE2040F45Westport A.C.
Neely, SarahFemale2559F45
Neill, AoibheannFEMALE320Junior Women
Neville, LouiseFEMALE1092F40
Nevin, ErinFemale2699Senior Women
Nevin, OisinMALE1510Senior Men
Nevin, TonyMALE1396M50
Newcombe Pieterse, NorahFemale2421F40Mayo A.C.
Newcombe, MarkMALE1383Senior Men
Newell, DaveMale2720Senior Men
Newell, EndaMALE132M40
Newell, RonanMALE133Senior Men
Newell, TomMale2991M80
Newell, TommyMale2990Senior Men
Newell, TrishaFemale2909F50
Newman, GrainneFemale2341F45
Newman, JohnMALE98Senior Men
Ni Bheara, SiobhanFEMALE1884F50
Ni Bhroin, OrnaFEMALE387Senior Women
Ní Chadhain, MaggieFEMALE853F40
Ní Chiardha, CaoimheFEMALE2649Senior WomenRDJ
Ní Cholla, MairéadFEMALE917Senior Women
Ni Chonghaile, MairéadFEMALE927F60
Ni Chonghaile, PatriciaFEMALE1597F50
Ni Chonghaile, RonaitFEMALE1489Senior Women
Ní Chonghaile, SíleFEMALE420F50
Ni Chonghaile, TreasaFEMALE425F45
Ni Dhomhnaill, DeirdreFEMALE431Senior Women
Ni Dhomhnaill, MaireFEMALE231F55
Ni Dhomhnaill, MaireFEMALE392F55
Ni Eithir, RutFEMALE90F45
Ní Fhlathárta, JackieFEMALE2191F50Galway City Harriers A.C.
Ni Fhlatharta, NiamhFEMALE599Senior Women
Ni Ghaora, DeirdreFEMALE152F45
Ni Ghaora, SiobhánFEMALE151F45
Ni Ghiobalain, MaireFemale2550F40
Ní Ghráinne, BrónaghFEMALE516Senior Women
Ní Laife, YvonneFEMALE2149F45
Ni Mhainin, CaitrionaFEMALE503Senior Women
Ni Mhainnin, SarahFEMALE419Senior Women
Nic Churtain, BriaininFEMALE1963F40
Nic Dhonnacha, AislingFEMALE1736Senior Women
Nic Giolla Chomhaill, EadaoinFEMALE2263Senior Women
Nicgabhann, KatieFEMALE1277F40
Nicola, FleskFEMALE72Senior Women
Nighriofa, LindaFEMALE148F45
Nihill, CianMale2520M40
Niland, ColmMALE2613Senior MenBoston Scientific
Niland, OliverMALE426M45Craughwell A.C.
Niland, SiobhanFEMALE427F50Craughwell A.C.
Niland, StephanieFEMALE1616Senior Women
Nita, CristinaFEMALE309Senior Women
Nixon, SeanMALE1467Senior Men
Nolan, ColinMALE1624Senior Men
Nolan, GordonMale2729M40South Galway A.C.
Nolan, JohnMale3074M50Swinford A.C.
Nolan, MichelleFEMALE76F45
Nolan, SeanMale3075Junior MenMoy Valley A.C.
Nolan, TomásMale2340Senior Men
Noonan, AoifeFEMALE1318Junior Women
Noonan, PatrickMALE1317M45Dooneen A.C.
Noone, BridFemale2896F60
Noone, JeffMALE931M45
Noone, MaryFEMALE2161F55
Noone, PaulaFEMALE1750F40
Norris, JohnFemale3077F40
Norton, BrianMale2920M70
Norton, SuzanneFemale3124F50
Nugent, PaulaFEMALE1785F60
Nugent, SeamusMale2393Senior MenEnnis Track A.C.
Nyland, JohnMale2998M50Mayo A.C.
O ' Reilly, CatherineFEMALE2099Senior Women
O Brien, BebhinnFEMALE1926Senior Women
O Brien, BrianMALE969M50
O Brien, CarmelFEMALE650F55
O Brien, DaniFEMALE495Senior Women
O Brien, DanielMALE956Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
O Brien, DeirdreFEMALE123Senior WomenDoneraile A.C.
O Brien, DervilaFemale2721Senior Women
O Brien, JanetFEMALE2255Senior Women
O Brien, JpMale2553M40
O Brien, LisaFEMALE841Senior Women
O Brien, MollieFEMALE165F50
O Brien, NealMale2974Senior Men
O Brien, PatMale2787Senior Men
O Brien, TimothyMALE2143M55Metro/St. Brigid's A.C.
O Callaghan, CelineFEMALE350F55
O Callaghan, MaryFEMALE552F40
O Callaghan, TonyMALE1173M65
O Carroll, IarlaMALE170Senior Men
O Carroll, JohnMale2320M45
Ó Catháin, ChristinaFemale2448Senior Women
Ó Cionnaith, RónánMALE484M40
O Conghaile, CiaranMALE1144Senior Men
O Connell, DanielMALE1955M45
O Connell, DeirdreFemale2460F40Sportsworld A.C.
O Connell, ElaineFemale2383Senior Women
O Connell, EmerFEMALE466F50Corrib A.C.
O Connell, HaydenMALE2073M55
O Connell, JamesMALE1058Senior Men
O Connell, JasonMALE916M40
O Connell, JohnMale3056M55
O Connell, KevinMALE104Senior Men
O Connell, LenaFEMALE1954F45
O Connell, LindaFEMALE1402Senior Women
O Connell, OrlaFEMALE1112Senior Women
O Connell, SeánMALE1652M50
O Connell, ShaneMALE196M40
O Connor, Ann MarieFEMALE690F50
O Connor, BrianMALE1036M45
O Connor, ChrisMALE729M50
O Connor, CiaraFEMALE2275Senior Women
O Connor, Colin AMALE2125M45
O Connor, DavidMALE2173Senior MenTrim A.C.
O Connor, DeclanMALE1805M40South Galway A.C.
O Connor, EndaMALE879Senior Men
O Connor, EvanMALE821Senior MenGalway City Harriers A.C.
O Connor, FionaFEMALE1456Senior Women
O Connor, KenMALE2140M55
O Connor, KevinMALE1096M45
O Connor, LaurenaFEMALE1555F50
O Connor, LindaFEMALE159Senior Women
O Connor, LorraineFEMALE1698F40
O Connor, MariaFEMALE138F40
O Connor, MichaelMALE1550M50
O Connor, NatalyaFEMALE544F40
O Connor, PaulineFEMALE1666F40East Galway A.C.
O Connor, RobertMALE139M40
O Connor, SorchaFEMALE71Senior Women
O Connor, StephenMALE1074Senior Men
O Connor, StephenMale2305Senior Men
O Connor, TaraFEMALE874Senior Women
O Connor, TomMale2588M75
O Connor, ZakMALE1800Senior Men
O Cualain, DiarmaidMALE1760Senior Men
O Cualain, MichealMALE2262Senior Men
Ó Dálaigh, MicheálMale2334Senior Men
O Dea, KevinMALE422M45Clare River Harriers A.C.
O Dea, PatrickMALE1876M65
Ó Dómhnaill, MícheálMALE1848M40Castlegar A.C.
O Donnell, BredaFEMALE2030F40
O Donnell, CarolFEMALE127F50
O Donnell, CatherineFEMALE1178F40
O Donnell, EricMALE1717M45
O Donnell, JoeMALE1070Senior Men
O Donnell, JohnMALE2177M55
O Donnell, JulieFEMALE1818F45
O Donnell, MartinMALE2029M65Clare River Harriers A.C.
O Donnell, MeganFemale2738Senior Women
O Donnell, PatMALE1371M45
O Donnell, RuánMALE2017Senior Men
O Donoghue, AnneFemale3062Senior Women
O Donohue, RachelFEMALE416Senior Women
O Donovan, ConorMale3099M45
O Donovan, DerryMALE1373Senior Men
O Dowd, MichaelMale2868Senior Men
O Dubhghaill, FiachraMALE2113M40
O Dwyer, AudreyFemale2457F50Dooneen A.C.
O Faolain, AilbheFEMALE316Senior Women
Ó Faoláin, CianMALE609Senior Men
Ó Faoláin, SéafraMALE607Senior Men
O Farrell, MichaelMALE1088Senior Men
O Flaherty, ConorMALE1871Senior Men
O Flaherty, DavidMALE868M60
O Flaherty, DeirdreFemale2536F55
O Flaherty, EvanMALE965Senior Men
O Flaherty, KarlaFEMALE2061F55
O Flaherty, KeelanMALE2038Senior Men
O Flaherty, LassaFemale2806Senior Women
O Flaherty, MatthewMALE2069M55
O Flaherty, RonanMALE1951M40
O Flaherty, RonanMale2805Senior Men
O Gorman, AlanMale3113M40
O Grady, BrendanMALE1694M40
O Grady, DavidMale2822M40
O Grady, ElishaFemale2591Senior Women
O Grady, EoinMALE322M50
O Grady, EoinMALE568Senior Men
O Grady, FinbarMALE1693Senior MenKilmurray/Ibrick/N.Clare A.C.
O Grady, NicolaFEMALE714F45Maree A.C
O Hagan, AidanMale2510Senior Men
O Hagan, CiaraFEMALE385Junior Women
O Hagan, MaryFEMALE1067F60
O Halloran, AaronMALE1411Senior Men
O Halloran, LeahFEMALE1192Senior Women
O Halloran, LisaFEMALE2058Senior Women
O Hanlon, PamelaFEMALE1765Senior Women
O Hara, FrancisMale2528M40
O Hara, KennethMALE2036M40Athenry A.C.
O Hara, MartinMale2810M50Athenry A.C.
O Hare, ConorMALE1225Senior Men
O Hare, MichelleFEMALE1835F40
O Hare, TonyMALE1224Senior Men
O Hea, MelissaFEMALE569F55
Ó H-Íci, CiaraFEMALE192F45North East Runners A.C.
O Keeffe, MartinMALE1511M65
O Leary, BrianMALE1409Senior Men
O Leary, NatalieFEMALE1408Senior Women
O Looney, DamianMALE718M45
O Looney, NiamhFEMALE719F40Maree A.C
O Loughlin, CarolineFEMALE1937F40
O Loughlin, DavidMale2530M40
O Loughlin, VictorMale2831Senior MenEnnis Track A.C.
O Malley, AshlingFEMALE551Senior Women
O Malley, CáitFEMALE1003F50
O Malley, ConorMale2301M40
O Malley, GarryMale2419M60Loughrea A.C.
O Malley, JohnMale2875M55Loughrea A.C.
O Malley, MarkMALE2022Senior Men
O Malley, OliviaFEMALE1166F40
O Neachtain, ArtMale2930M40
O Neill Barber, MaryFEMALE1833F55
O Neill, AislingFemale2754Senior Women
O Neill, AnthonyMale2508Senior Men
O Neill, CiaraFemale2753Senior Women
O Neill, ClareFemale2788Senior Women
O Neill, EoinMALE398Senior Men
O Neill, FionnualaFEMALE319F45
O Neill, MaryFEMALE987F45
O Neill, PhelimMALE1292M40
O Neill, SeanMALE620M55
O Regan, ConnieFEMALE1507F50
O Regan, FergusMALE463Senior Men
O Reilly, CathalMALE793M45
O Reilly, DavidMALE2056Senior Men
O Reilly, SusanFemale2493Senior Women
O Reilly, TomMALE1009Senior Men
O Reilly, TrishFEMALE1071F50
O Riordan, GrahamMale2824M40
O Riordan, SinéadFEMALE1734Senior Women
O Riordan, ValerieFEMALE215F45
O Rourke, BarryMALE1721M40
O Rourke, ConorMALE846Senior Men
O Shaughnessy, DavidMALE1678M40
O Shaughnessy, PeterMALE923M45
O Shaughnessy, PeterMALE1983M45
O Shea, EamonnMALE1997M50
O Shea, NéillMALE393Senior MenDublin Front Runners A.C.
O Shea, TimMALE1849M50
Ó Síocháin, TomásMale2969M45
O Sullivan, AilbeMALE1602M45
O Sullivan, AnnmarieFemale2475F50
O Sullivan, BenMALE2167Senior Men
O Sullivan, BrianMALE2123Senior Men
O Sullivan, BrianMale2713M50South Galway A.C.
O Sullivan, BridFEMALE2043F50
O Sullivan, ClaireFEMALE1554F50
O Sullivan, ClodaghFEMALE279F45
O Sullivan, CyrilMALE950Senior Men
O Sullivan, EoinMale2515M45Athenry A.C.
O Sullivan, GarethMale2366M40
O Sullivan, JenniferFemale2823Senior Women
O Sullivan, LiamMALE1623Senior Men
O Sullivan, MattMALE889M65
O Sullivan, Molly SophiaFEMALE2166Senior Women
O Sullivan, PaulMALE401Senior Men
O Sullivan, PhilipMALE136M45
O Sullivan, SammyFEMALE1773Senior Women
O Toole, ÁineFemale2453Senior Women
O Toole, AnneFEMALE433F50
O Toole, AnnemarieFEMALE1390F40
O Toole, AvrilFemale3051Junior Women
O Toole, PeterMALE156Senior Men
O Toole, ShaneMALE905Senior Men
O Toole, SimonMale2296Senior MenDonore Harriers A.C.
Oakes, CathalMALE130M50
Oakes, GerardMale2297M45
Obrien, DanielMALE1814M45
O'Brien, PatMALE2601M50Boston Scientific
Oconnell, NiamhFEMALE1339Senior Women
Oconnor, ItaFEMALE739F45Maree A.C
O'Connor, RebeccaFEMALE2641Senior WomenRDJ
Odonnell, JenniferFEMALE1266Senior Women
Okeeffe, MariaFEMALE968Senior Women
Oliver, HannahFEMALE1902Junior Women
Omahony, MarkMale2757M40
Omahony, ReaganFemale2758Senior Women
Onder, BurakMALE461M45
Oneill, AnnaFemale2569F50
Oneill, DaraMALE321Junior Men
Oneill, GerardMALE318M45
Ono, NaomiFEMALE880F45
Oreily, PeterMale3120M60
Orlowska, JoannaFEMALE1462Senior Women
Ortiz Linares, Miguel AngelMale2919M45
Osborne, GregMale3002M40
Osullivan, JoanFEMALE1880F45
O'Sullivan, KatyFEMALE2652Senior WomenRDJ
Otoole, AilisFEMALE2220Senior Women
Overy, LauraFEMALE744F40
Owens, CarolineFEMALE1853Senior Women
Ozias, NicolasMALE2037Senior Men
Pacer 35 30
Pacer 35 31
Pacer 4032
Pacer 40 33
Pacer 45 34
Pacer 45 35
Pacer 50 36
Pacer 50 37
Pacer 5538
Pacer 55 39
Padoba, SarkaFEMALE1524Senior Women
Paire, LauraFemale3117Senior Women
Palmer, ThomasMALE1686M55
Palmer, TonyMALE959Senior Men
Pardy, OrlaithFemale2352Senior Women
Parker, AdamMale2677Senior Men
Parker, AislingFemale2874Junior Women
Parker, LizzieFEMALE2008F55
Parker, NiamhFemale2489Senior Women
Parsons, MartinMALE1684M50Mayo A.C.
Pateman, RitaFEMALE616F40
Patil, ArunMale2547M45
Payne, DanielMALE1276M40
Pereira, NunoMALE792Senior Men
Petticrew, SophieFEMALE2646Senior WomenRDJ
Phelan, CarolineFEMALE1561F60
Philip, KennedyMALE220M50
Phillips, EdelFEMALE1416F45
Phoenix, SimonMALE1270M40
Phylan, MatthewMALE1002M50
Pierce, AdrianMALE2185M40
Pierce, MichelleFEMALE2186F40
Pigott, JacintaFEMALE204F50
Pigott, JamesMale2928M45
Pigott, JasonMALE205M50
Pigott, LucyFEMALE206Junior Women
Pilkington, MichaelMALE2021M60Athenry A.C.
Pires Leite, GabrielMALE2144Senior Men
Plekker, AoifeFemale2378F40
Plekker, BrianMale2379M45
Plower, AnnFEMALE1718F45
Poole, LoganMALE1667Senior Men
Porter, AndrewMALE644Senior Men
Potter, MarkMALE436Senior Men
Powell, JonathanMALE1262M50
Powell, MarkMALE953Senior Men
Power, ClaireFEMALE2131F45
Power, DeirdreFEMALE554F50
Power, FrankMale3033M70South Galway A.C.
Power, GerFEMALE222F55
Power, LiamMALE625M50
Power, RaymondMALE1985Senior Men
Power, SeánMALE1031Senior Men
Power, TeresaFEMALE1170F50Birr A.C.
Prehn, BrorMALE411Senior Men
Prendergast, CatherineFemale2985Senior Women
Prendergast, GrahamMale2952M45
Prendergast, JennyFEMALE646F45
Prendergast, PaulMale2863M60
Prendergast, RuaidhriMale2768M50
Prendeville, EthnaFEMALE683F50
Prendiville, RichardMale2800Senior Men
Prout, MariaFemale3052F40
Prsova, SilviaFEMALE270Senior Women
Punch, LeanneFEMALE176F40
Purcell, JackMALE1803Senior Men
Purcell, PaulMALE910M40
Quealey, SarahFEMALE507Senior Women
Queenan, EmmetMALE212Senior Men
Quigley, EndaMALE1226Senior Men
Quill, CaoimheFEMALE1040Senior Women
Quilligan, CormacMALE1264Senior Men
Quilligan, KevinMALE1289M65Mallow A.C.
Quillinan, CormacMALE1808M40
Quinlan, AudreyFEMALE1281F50
Quinn, AileenFEMALE1369Senior Women
Quinn, AlanMALE214M40
Quinn, AoifeFEMALE623F40
Quinn, AoifeFEMALE1834F40
Quinn, CaitrionaFEMALE1023F45Corofin A.C.
Quinn, CarolineFEMALE530F45
Quinn, DanielMALE1061Senior Men
Quinn, DavidMale2789M40
Quinn, DavidMale2953M40
Quinn, ElizabethFEMALE81F40Ennis Track A.C.
Quinn, EmilyFEMALE1217Senior Women
Quinn, JoeMALE195M40
Quinn, KieranMALE843M45
Quinn, MichaelMALE1024M50Corofin A.C.
Quinn, TomásMALE1227Senior Men
Quinn-Neylon, LornaFEMALE801Senior Women
Quirke, SeanMALE655M45
Quispe Bocal, BrisaFEMALE2632Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Quispe, AlexandraFEMALE2633Senior WomenSanctuary Runners
Rabbitte Comar, MiriamFemale2847F50
Raftery, ParaicMale2524M40
Raginel, EmmaFEMALE594Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Raju, EdwinMALE1026Senior Men
Rath, CliveMALE1455M50
Rattigan, ShaunaFEMALE901Senior Women
Reade, ElaineFEMALE694Senior Women
Reaney, MartinMALE904M50
Reapy, ElizabethFEMALE2196Senior Women
Reapy, LauraFEMALE2202Senior Women
Reardon, CraigMALE633M40
Reck, RosemarieFemale2429Senior Women
Reddin, MikeyMale2769Senior Men
Reddy, HarshavardhanMALE2010Senior Men
Redmond, CarolineFemale2318Senior Women
Redmond, NeilMale2557M40
Redmond, TroyMale2338Senior Men
Reed, ClaireFEMALE576Senior Women
Reeves, EileenFEMALE1771F55Dooneen A.C.
Regan, CiaraFEMALE1633Senior WomenCrusaders A.C.
Regan, MaryFemale2901F40
Regan, MichelleFEMALE1216Senior Women
Reidy, ClareFEMALE1432Senior Women
Reidy, RayMale2774M50
Reidy, SinéadFEMALE1431Senior Women
Reilly, DanielleFemale2329Senior Women
Reilly, DianeFEMALE827F55
Reilly, MaryFEMALE267F45
Reilly, WayneMALE268M45
Renshaw, AislingFemale3041F45
Reynolds, BillyMALE1644M45
Reynolds, BrendaFEMALE464F50
Reynolds, ChelseayFEMALE1544Senior Women
Reynolds, ColetteFemale2902F45
Reynolds, LauraFEMALE2100Senior Women
Reynolds, RebeccaFEMALE1324Senior Women
Ribeiro De Lima, IsraelMale2389M40
Ribeiro, Aline P. A.Female2388Senior Women
Rice, NoelMALE831Senior MenKillarney Valley A.C.
Richards, AislingFEMALE1755Senior Women
Richards, ThomasMALE1148Senior Men
Rick, EmilyFEMALE707Senior Women
Rigney, CathalMALE675M40Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Rigney, LaurenceMALE1952Senior Men
Rilot, MelissaFEMALE1263F40
Ritchie, AndyMALE239Senior Men
Rix, ClaireFEMALE1007F45
Rix, DianaFEMALE1008Senior Women
Rizzi, ChrisMALE1204M65
Roberts, SeanMALE1087M50
Roche, DeanMALE2603Senior MenBoston Scientific
Roche, MartinaFemale2883F60Loughrea A.C.
Rockall, MikeMale2511Senior Men
Rodgers, AidanMALE574M40Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Rodgers, AidanMALE1646M40Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Rodgers, KennethMALE2089Senior Men
Rodrigues, AnaFEMALE1685Senior Women
Roe, TonyMALE402M60
Rogan, SophieFEMALE691Senior Women
Rogers, BernieFEMALE1691F55Maree A.C
Rogers, JoeMale2328M50
Rogers, PatriciaFemale2461F60Sliabh Ban A.C.
Rohan, GeryMALE1498M55
Rohan, NatashaFEMALE409F55
Rohdich, PaulineFEMALE2665Senior WomenCOPE
Rooney, DamienMALE1016Senior Men
Rooney, MariaFEMALE1861Senior Women
Rooney, MarieFEMALE1018F70
Rooney, NiamhFEMALE1017Senior Women
Rooney, NoelleFEMALE1890F55
Rourke, GrainneFEMALE2219Senior Women
Rowan, MartinMALE670M70
Ruane, BrendanMale2882M40
Ruane, CliodhnaFemale3079F40
Ruane, LillianFEMALE1689F40East Galway A.C.
Ruane, PaulMALE1895M40
Ruane, PaulMale2583M40
Ruane, SandraFEMALE179F45
Ruane, TrevorMALE1517Senior Men
Rushe, JohnMALE1349M50
Rushe, RebeccaFEMALE1992F40Athlone A.C.
Ryan, AnthonyMale2815M75
Ryan, BrendanMALE240Senior Men
Ryan, CaitrionaFEMALE2068F45
Ryan, CathalMale2749Senior Men
Ryan, ColinMALE77M40
Ryan, DanMALE2621M40Boston Scientific
Ryan, DavidMALE982M65
Ryan, DeborahFEMALE1557F40
Ryan, DeclanMale2809Senior Men
Ryan, DorothyFEMALE2128F60Limerick Country Club A.C.
Ryan, EmmaFEMALE2179F45
Ryan, GeraldineFEMALE1918F50
Ryan, JackieFEMALE424F50
Ryan, JamieMALE1738Senior Men
Ryan, JimMALE2129M60Limerick Country Club A.C.
Ryan, JoeMALE1919M60
Ryan, KellyMale3039M45
Ryan, KennethMALE979M50
Ryan, KevinMALE2197Senior Men
Ryan, KieranMALE832M45
Ryan, Linda FEMALE2643F40RDJ
Ryan, LizFEMALE1949F50
Ryan, LukeMALE1234Senior Men
Ryan, MartinMALE417Senior Men
Ryan, PatriciaFEMALE2209F40
Ryan, PatrickMALE1797Senior Men
Ryan, PatrickMale2462Senior Men
Ryan, PhilipMALE2004Senior Men
Ryan, RobertMALE673M55
Ryan, SandraFEMALE985Senior Women
Ryan, ShaneMale2552M40Dooneen A.C.
Ryan, StephenMALE1916Senior Men
Ryan, TaraFEMALE2095F50
Ryder, EdelFEMALE332Senior Women
Ryder, EmerFEMALE553F40
Ryder, VanessaFEMALE331F40
Sabatini, MarcoMale2551Senior Men
Salama, PenséeFEMALE966Senior Women
Salem, AdhamMALE722Senior Men
Sands, MichelleFEMALE1538Senior Women
Saunders, FrederickMALE515Senior Men
Savery, DeanMALE1647Senior Men
Scally, ClareFEMALE812F50
Scally, DanielleFEMALE854Senior Women
Scanlon, LouiseFEMALE751Senior Women
Scanlon, ThomasMALE752Senior Men
Schaefer, WaltraudFemale2843F60
Scully, CatherineFEMALE1386F40Corrib A.C.
Scully, EoinMale2878Senior Men
Scully, HughMALE701Junior Men
Scully, RobinMALE1387M45Corrib A.C.
Seagrave, OrlaithFEMALE2165Senior Women
Seary, LisaFemale2585Senior Women
SEDDIKI, MUSTAPHAMALE2631Senior MenSanctuary Runners
Seex, JoelMALE1332Senior Men
Seoane, RebeccaFEMALE2671Senior WomenCOPE
Serasinghe, NidarshaFEMALE2604Senior WomenBoston Scientific
Shankar, AjeethaFEMALE784Senior Women
Sharkey, AnthonyMALE2114M40Ennis Track A.C.
Sharkey, DomnickMale2390Senior Men
Sharkey, RóisínFEMALE626Senior Women
Shea, JoanneFEMALE1699F40
Sheehan, GermaineFEMALE1732Senior Women
Sheehan, JohnMALE1405M65
Sheehy, AnnaFEMALE377Senior Women
Sheehy, DanielMALE378Senior Men
Sheehy, EleanorFEMALE1844F50
Sheeran, OrlaFEMALE687Senior WomenAthenry A.C.
Sheils, ClodaghFemale2922Senior Women
Sheridan, AlanMALE932M45
Sheridan, EugeneMale2295M60
Sheridan, FidelmaFemale2302F50
Sheridan, JoanFemale2426F55
Sheridan, NeilMALE615M40
Sheridan, SharonFemale2562Senior Women
Sheridan, SineadFEMALE1789F45
Sherling, LeighMale2330Senior Men
Sherlock, PaulMALE80M45
Shevlin, SimonMALE2231M50
Shields, NigelMALE2001Senior Men
Shier, JohnMALE1772M55Dooneen A.C.
Shimizu, JaneFEMALE1595F55
Shimizu, YutakaMale3063M55
Shine, KatrinaFEMALE1168F40
Shinners, KevinMALE1733M40
Shovlin, Francis XavierMALE787Junior Men
Shovlin, FrankMALE786M50
Shutter, DawnFEMALE399F60
Siciak, EricMale2859Senior Men
Sidhu, HarjinderMALE257M50
Sidhu, KeevaFEMALE258Junior Women
Siemaszkiewicz, AgnieszkaFEMALE794F45
Silke, CarolineFEMALE855F40
Silke, ClaireFEMALE1366F40
Silke, Hannah-KateFEMALE1989Senior Women
Silke, RonanMale3054M45
Silke, SerenaFEMALE1786F40
Skehill, OrlaFEMALE693F40
Skelton, AnneFEMALE2059F60
Skelton, JoeMALE2060M55
Slater, GerMALE2224M45Ennis Track A.C.
Slattery, IsabellaFEMALE878F40
Slevin, Mr ConorMale2357Senior Men
Slevin, Mr CormacMale2356M55
Small, SeanMALE1725M40
Smith, AlanMALE575M50Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Smith, AndrewMale2472M40
Smith, BarryMale2725Senior MenEast Galway A.C.
Smith, BrendanMale2726M65
Smith, CulannMALE2119Senior Men
Smith, GavinMALE1608Senior Men
Smith, KennethMale2571M50
Smullen, EoinMALE1743M40
Smyth, AvrilFemale2956Senior Women
Smyth, DavidMALE2657Senior MenCOPE
Smyth, LaurenceMALE863M60
Smyth, MaryFEMALE2242F55
Smyth, SarahFemale2584Senior Women
Somers, BrianMALE977M40Athenry A.C.
Spelman, AngelaFEMALE925F40
Spelman, SineadFEMALE297Senior Women
Spillane, DeniseFEMALE1153F55
Springett, RebeccaFEMALE2659Senior WomenCOPE
Stack, NiamhFemale2548F45
Stack, RosieFEMALE679Senior Women
Stakem, CarmelFEMALE747Senior Women
Standun, LaraghFEMALE1573Senior Women
Stanislawczyk, DawidMALE1336Senior Men
Stapleton, MichelleFEMALE1125F40
Stasiak, PawelMALE2126M40
Staunton, MaireadFEMALE1978Senior Women
Staunton, MarkMALE1400Senior Men
Staunton, NiamhFemale2380Senior Women
Steele, NoelleFemale2483F40
Stenson, PaulMALE1320Senior Men
Stenson, ShaneMALE1763Senior Men
Stephen, RobMALE488M55
Stephens, ShaneMale2745Senior Men
Stephenson, JohnMALE96M65
Sterritt, NicolaFEMALE1219Senior Women
Stewart, GemmaFEMALE379Senior Women
Stewart, JamieMALE716Senior Men
Stewart, NiallMale2778Senior MenSouth Galway A.C.
Stewart, RachelFEMALE1793F50
Stewert, JamesMALE934M45
Stimson, AnnieFEMALE1268Senior Women
Stone, CormacMale2396Senior Men
Strachan, LiamMALE518Senior Men
Strange, SiobhanFemale3087Junior Women
Stringer, BradMALE974Senior Men
Sugrue, PaulineFemale3037F65
Sullivan, GrainneFEMALE1319F40
Sullivan, JohnMale3038M45
Susmak, JuliusMALE269M55
Swayne, CoranMale2568Senior Men
Sweeney, CarolineFEMALE1370F40
Sweeney, CatherineFEMALE1970F50
Sweeney, DeclanMale2967M50
Sweeney, HelenFemale2417F40
Sweeney, KarenFEMALE336F50
Sweeney, RoryMale2763Senior Men
Swift, MichelleFEMALE1056Senior Women
Syed, HasanMALE1468Senior Men
Szombati, MarioMALE2622M40Boston Scientific
Szumska, KatarzynaFEMALE895F45
Szymanski, BartłomiejMale2977M50
T, PeterMale2498M40
Tait, PaulaFEMALE415Senior Women
Talbot, AnitaFEMALE295F55
Talbot, HelenFEMALE1086F45
Talbot, JamesMALE292Senior Men
Talbot, JessicaFEMALE234Senior Women
Talbot, MichaelMALE294M60
Talbot, MikeyMALE293Senior Men
Tarpey, PjMALE2215M45Athenry A.C.
Taylor, FrancescaFEMALE2666Senior WomenCOPE
Terry, PaulMALE692M50
Terry, WillMALE317Senior Men
Terzoni, MayraFEMALE1946F55
Thomas, LorraineFEMALE2278F45
Thompspn, LauraFemale2675F40
Thornton, CiaraFEMALE141Senior Women
Thornton, MarkMALE1887M40
Thornton, ShaunaFemale2797Senior Women
Tierney, AdrianMale2711M50
Tierney, CatherineFEMALE851Senior Women
Tierney, JohnMale2420M50
Tierney, KathyFemale2500Senior Women
Tierney, MartinMALE458M45
Tierney, NiamhFEMALE2055Senior Women
Tierney, OrlaFemale2441Senior Women
Timoney, KeithMale2573Senior Men
Timoney-Lacken, RóisínFemale2826Senior Women
Timothy, JohnMALE125M45
Timothy, NiallMALE2268M50
Tobin, KieranMALE1107Senior Men
Tobin, PaulMALE302M50
Tognoli, ThaysaFEMALE1072Senior Women
Toher, RobertMALE1470M40
Toland, NiamhFemale2886F40
Toner, CarolFEMALE286F60
Toner, DeirdreFEMALE788F40
Tonry, SusanFEMALE1973F40
Tormey, AoifeFEMALE1720F40Craughwell A.C.
Travers, MatthewMALE1795Senior Men
Traynor, AlanMALE1841M50
Treacy, BrendanMALE452M55
Treacy, JacquelineFemale2962Senior Women
Treacy, JpMALE1605Senior MenSt. Finbarrs A.C.
Troy, ChrisMALE2011M40
Tubridy, DeirdreFEMALE2127Senior Women
Tuite, CorneliaFEMALE726Senior Women
Tully, OliverMALE893M60
Tummom, StephenMale2897Senior Men
Tuohy, AlisterMALE403Senior Men
Tuohy, MichelleFEMALE1539Senior WomenAthenry A.C.
Turnbull, EricMALE1975M60
Turner, PatMale2816M45
Turner, PeterMALE2182M45Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Twomey, AislinnFEMALE1333Senior Women
Twomey, DeeFEMALE619F40
Twomey, DoloresFEMALE883F45
Twomey, John J.MALE706M40Dublin Front Runners A.C.
Tyrrell, JessFEMALE1209Senior Women
Tyrrell, JohnMALE1354M40
Uchoa, SandraFEMALE2134F45
Ui Chonfhaola, BridFemale2335F40
Ui Chuanaigh, OrlaFEMALE557Senior Women
Uí Dhubhghaill, AoifeFEMALE1273Senior Women
Valdez, Willy EricMale3010M45
Valero, AlbertoMALE1588Senior Men
Van De Beek, HelenFEMALE1029F50
Vanderloo, MaryFemale3118F60
Varley, DeclanMale23M50Declan
Vaughan, BrendanMALE1894Senior Men
Vaughan, ConorMale2331Senior Men
Vaughan, MartinMALE1136M40
Verdon, ElaineFEMALE211F45Donore Harriers A.C.
Viana De Oliveira, LanaFEMALE201Senior Women
Vickers, FintanMALE434Senior Men
Vickers, FintanMALE435Senior Men
Villalobos, NataliaFEMALE1044F50
Visa, RamonMALE1205M40
Vogel, JuliaFemale2871F40
Wadsworth, KirstenFemale3057F50
Waldron, DoloresFEMALE1169F45
Waldron, EdelFEMALE487F40Ferbane A.C.
Waldron, MarkMALE213Senior Men
Wall, JohnMALE432M50
Wall, RobertMale2518M40
Wallace, JohnMALE973M60
Walo, SebastianMale2480Senior Men
Walsh, AnnmarieFemale2811F50
Walsh, BredaFEMALE352F40
Walsh, BrendanMALE1559M60
Walsh, BrianMALE1745M40
Walsh, BrianMale2996Senior Men
Walsh, BryanMALE1549Senior Men
Walsh, CarmelFEMALE592F40Corofin A.C.
Walsh, CarolineFEMALE389F45
Walsh, CathyFEMALE1863F40
Walsh, CianMale2929Senior Men
Walsh, ClareFEMALE354F40
Walsh, ClareFEMALE1700Senior Women
Walsh, DeclanMALE859Senior Men
Walsh, DeirdreFEMALE1716Senior Women
Walsh, GabrielMale2686M40
Walsh, GerardMALE903Senior Men
Walsh, ImeldaFEMALE115F40
Walsh, ItaFEMALE355Senior WomenCorrib A.C.
Walsh, JacintaFemale2718F40Athenry A.C.
Walsh, JackieFEMALE353Senior Women
Walsh, JaneFemale2865F50Galway City Harriers A.C.
Walsh, JenniferFEMALE2082F45
Walsh, JohnMALE2226Senior Men
Walsh, JordanMale2555Senior Men
Walsh, MartinMale3007M45Westport A.C.
Walsh, MauraFEMALE890F55Craughwell A.C.
Walsh, RachelFEMALE207Senior Women
Walsh, RiainMale2820Junior Men
Walsh, RíanMale2732Junior Men
Walsh, RobertMale2716M40
Walsh, SeanMale2412Senior Men
Walsh, SeanMale3013Senior Men
Walsh, ShaneMALE1492Senior Men
Walsh, TrevorMALE1839M50
Walsh, TrinaFEMALE2192F45
Ward, CatherineFemale2574F55
Ward, KevinMale2710Senior Men
Ward, LorraineFEMALE2227Senior Women
Ward, MarieFemale2741F40Castlerea Crusaders A.C.
Ward, NiamhFEMALE1374Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Ward, OwenMALE1250M40
Ward, RebeccaFEMALE1055Senior Women
Ward, SeanMALE1258M40Dundrum South Dublin A.C.
Ward, ShaneMale2740M55
Warde Doyle, DylanMALE2203Senior Men
Warnke, MirkoMale2586M55Marathon Club Ireland A.C.
Waters, RuairiMale2372M40
Watson, AidanMALE635M40
Watson, DaveMALE632M40Maree A.C
Weafer, DarrenMALE1447Senior Men
Weise, ThomasMALE936M50
Wen, MikeMale3119M45
Westbrook, DavidMALE696M45Castlegar A.C.
Whalen, DannyMALE2083Senior Men
Whall, AnnaFEMALE1041Senior Women
Whelan, ArleneFEMALE807F45
Whelan, ColinMALE808M50
Whelan, ColmMALE1206M60
Whelan, CormacMale2358Senior Men
Whelan, MichaelMALE120M40
Whiriskey, Ann-MarieFEMALE162F45
Whiriskey, CarolineFEMALE998F50
Whiriskey, DavidMALE163M45
White, MarkMALE798M60
White, SineadFEMALE1961F50
Whitney, JohnMALE1601M45
Whyte, PaulaFEMALE299F45
Whyte, Tommy JoeMale2992M60
Wilczynska, MartaFEMALE1580F45
Wilford, SharonFEMALE1368F45
Williams, DavidMALE1579Senior Men
Williams, RebeccaFEMALE421Senior Women
Wilson, BlaithinFEMALE512Senior Women
Wilson, FergalMALE513M40
Wilson, MarianFEMALE1688F40East Galway A.C.
Winstone, RebeccaFEMALE504Senior Women
Wojuteczky, CsabaMale3111Senior Men
Wong, LindyFemale2770Senior WomenGalway City Harriers A.C.
Woodman, LyndaFEMALE315F40
Woods, AileenFEMALE1521F45
Woods, CaitlinFemale2803F55Mayo A.C.
Woulfe, MaryFEMALE493F45
Wrafter, BarryMALE456Senior Men
Wyer, RachelFEMALE161F40
Wynne, DeirdreFEMALE2254Senior Women
Wynne, TimMALE578M55
Yadav, AnkushMale2545M40
Yates, FrancisMale3049Senior Men
Zaidi, KumailMALE1545Senior Men
Zaletel, RonanMALE2018Senior Men
Zenkevica, KateFEMALE1480Senior Women
Zhu, CuiFemale2503Senior Women
Zolan, JanaFEMALE1523Senior Women
Zulu, MetricFEMALE2635Senior WomenSanctuary Runners

You can follow us on Facebook again this year at: on Twitter @StreetsofGalway and Instagram streetsofgalway. We look forward to your company for a great night of sporting endeavour in the city of the tribes.

Race Details 2023

Streets of Galway race route

Thank you for entering the 2023 Blackrock Health Galway Clinic Streets of Galway 8K, which will take place Saturday 12th August at 7pm. 

Race Now Sold Out!

Galway Clinic Streets of Galway 2023 race results are now available on Red Tag Timing

We are delighted to welcome you back to our traditional time and route for this years 37th edition of our famous race, organised by Galway City Harriers.

Please bring along proof of ID/printout email of registration confirmation when collecting your race pack at Race HQ, Claddagh Hall, Nimmo’s Pier, Galway, H91 A6Y6. See map for location of the Claddagh Hall.

Your Race pack includes a fantastic technical T-shirt, number and timing chip!

Race-pack collection times are as follows this year:

  • 2pm – 8pm on Friday August 11th
  • 9am – 4pm (sharp) on Saturday August 12th
  • We cannot process entries after 4pm Saturday for logistical reasons.

Parking for Pick Up – Parking is available along Grattan Road for a short period for pickup on Friday only. Please follow marshal’s instructions for parking when picking up race numbers.

On Saturday, there is NO PARKING available at Claddagh Hall or Grattan Road, or at GTI – i.e. Start or Finish areas. Do not attempt to park here please. This is due to race set up areas and necessary restrictions at the end of race route.

On Saturday, city centre parking is available for pickup and the race at the following locations: Cathedral Car Park, Jurys Inn or Hynes Car Park Merchants Road, or in Salthill carparks.

We encourage you to use Public Transport or cycle to race start.


The race starts at 7pm SHARP Saturday 12th August, with the start line located at the Galway Technical Institute, Fr. Griffin Road, Galway. Be on time, the race will not wait! The race routes through Galway City, Salthill and the Claddagh areas of Galway.

Water station – there is a water stop at the 5km mark which is at Pearse Stadium.

Finish – the finish is 100 metres into South Park just off Grattan Road where there is water and bananas available here for all as part of your race entry.

Streets of Galway race route

Please be at the start line by 6.45pm to ensure you are in position. Toilets are at Start and Finish areas. There are no bag drops or changing areas. Please obey marshals instructions and respect residents in the area.

Prizes will be given on the line for Top 3 male and female finishers. Other prizes at the Hall at 8.15 pm.

Please note the following restrictions which we have to follow for safety and insurance reasons:

No Under 18’s may take part, no bicycles, wheeled vehicles or buggies are allowed on the course. No headphones or pets allowed.   

Thanks to Blackrock Health Galway Clinic for sponsoring the Streets of Galway. 

Please use #streetsofgalway  on social media. Contact with any queries.



The Galway County 10,000m Track Championships will be held separately on Thursday 27th July at the Track in Moonbaun ATHENRY. Cash entry on the evening. Time TBC.


Note that the standard entry closing date for the National Senior Track & Field Championships is this Wednesday,19th July.
The two day event takes place at the Morton Stadium on the 29th & 30th July. Link to Provisional timetable only below. (this may change)
GCH athletes can enter through their Senior club Competition Secretary by this Wednesday 19th July, before 6pm.

GCH Intro Night – Meet the Running Club

Introduction evening for new and potential members of Galway City Harriers Athletics Club.

We would like to invite new and potential members to come along to meet some of our members and hear more about what we do in Galway City Harriers.

We are Galway’s largest running Club and have members from beginners to olympic athletes running 100m to 100km so there is something for everyone.

Date and Time

Fri, 10 March 2023,

19:30 – 21:00 GMT


Galway Bay Hotel 

Salthill Road Lower H91 W295 Galway

Get information on the different training sessions we offer and how we can help you to reach your goals whether it is your first 5K or a sub 3 hour marathon.

Fit4Life Recreational Running, Coached Speed Sessions, Track Sessions, Marathon Training, Cross Country, Track Running, Social Events, training camps and volunteering with the Club.

There will some discounted Club gear on sale also, so existing members are welcome to come and grab a bargain and offer their tips and advice to our new members.

Marathon Mania – Friday 24th February

Race Stories, Training, Tips & Advice, Q&A

GCH Coach and Marathon Runners share their stories and advice at Marathon Mania on Friday 24th February. 

We are really looking forward to hearing some of our brilliant GCH marathon runners share their marathon stories and experiences, tips and advice. With so many people running marathons this year it will be great to get ideas of what works and what doesn’t. 

Date and Time

Fri, 24 February 2023, 

19:30 – 21:30 GMT


Galway Bay Hotel 

Salthill Road Lower H91 W295 Galway

If you are running a marathon in 2023, you are welcome to come along and learn from GCH marathon runners who will be sharing their experiences on running 26.2 miles (and beyond!)

Whether you are running the Dublin City Marathon for the first time or are a seasoned marathon runner chasing sub 3 hours or a PB we will have stories that you will want to hear.

Louis Coyne – Ultra Marthon Runner

Abigail Colleran – Smashed her PB in Dublin Marathon

Tony O Connor – Sub 3 hour marathon runner

Neasa De Burca – Winner Limerick Marathon 2022

Jerome Debize – Ultra Runner and Marathon Coach

There will be a Q&A where you will get the chance to ask the questions that you may not be able to get answer to online.

Entry is free but you must pre-book your spot.

Registration for 2023 now open for new and returning members!

2023 Galway City Harries Membership

GCH Membership is now open for 2023. We would love to welcome back all our members who have registered with us over the past few years. Lots of sessions during the week so there is something for every level of runner. So whether you are just starting or hoping to run a 5K or marathon PB we would love you to join us.

Galway City Harriers welcomes members across all ages and all disciplines. Our Club members benefit from access to our training sessions, and there are plenty of opportunities to compete for the club, from beginners up to international level.

We use the Athletics Ireland on-line registration and payment system which will make the registration process smooth and secure.

Fit4Life queries:

Senior Member queries:

Membership for 2024 is now open

2024 membership galway city harriers
You can join or renew your membership here: Current members are paid up until the 31st December 2023. 2024 Membership goes from now until...

GCH Intro Night – Meet the Running Club

Introduction evening for new and potential members of Galway City Harriers Athletics Club. We would like to invite new and potential members to come along...

Marathon Mania – Friday 24th February

Race Stories, Training, Tips & Advice, Q&A GCH Coach and Marathon Runners share their stories and advice at Marathon Mania on Friday 24th February.  We are...

Registration for 2023 now open for new and returning members!

2023 Galway City Harries Membership
GCH Membership is now open for 2023. We would love to welcome back all our members who have registered with us over the past...

Strength & Conditioning Sessions 2023 – Jan/Feb

Strength & Conditioning Sessions
New Block - Evening S&C Sessions: Start Monday 23rd January to Monday the 24th of February - 5 weeks. This block will run from Monday the...