Athletics Ireland Training Resources


Introduction to Long Jump

This video by ‘Athletics Ireland’ is an introduction to Long Jump for PE Teachers, Coaches and Athletes in clubs and schools. It goes through some of the basics like running skills, skipping, bounding and galloping drills before demonstrating aspects of the fundamental technical movements of jumping.

Hops & Jumps Series

Whether you are a runner, jumper or thrower, doing jumps and plyometrics will improve your performance. Hare are a few you can try anywhere.

These drills can help improve jumping ability adn transfer to all events. Do them regularly to practice adn improve. Remember to always warm up properly.

Standing Long Jump

Can you make the jump?

Carl Lewis Sail technique

Footage from the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988 in which USA’s Carl Lewis won Gold in the Men’s Long Jump.

Hitch-Kick and Hang technique

Three main long jump techniques which are used by the long jumpers. See how to perform these techniques with the help of this demonstrated video. Hope you like it.