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Home Circuit Training

Circuit training is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. This circuit training routine comprises of multiple exercises that are completed one exercise after another.

Foam Rolling Theory and Practical Session with Ciara McCallion

AAI Physio, Ciara McCallion, outlines potential benefits of foam rolling and works through a 30min full body foam rolling session. The workout is easy to follow and if done on a regular basis athletes may find it useful to help reduce injury risk.

Introduction to Long Jump

This video by ‘Athletics Ireland’ is an introduction to Long Jump for PE Teachers, Coaches and Athletes in clubs and schools. It goes through some of the basics like running skills, skipping, bounding and galloping drills before demonstrating aspects of the fundamental technical movements of jumping.

Many thanks to Shane Aston (Irish International Decathlete) for demonstrating all the exercises and drills and Jacqui Freyne (Athletics Ireland Pathway Performance Manager) for technical input around exercises.

Foot & Ankle Conditioning Program

The action of the foot is integral to all modes of gait from walking to sprinting. Training to develop this critical link is often overlooked by athletes and coaches.

Mobility Program

Flexibility refers to the range of movement available at a specific joint, whereas mobility is the range that a joint can work through during dynamic activities such as running.