Fit4Life Schedule

Fit4Life is recreational running and is suitable for those who enjoy running regularly and also for those new to running.

Fit4Life sessions on Monday and Thursday at 7pm meeting at the Westside Library.

We have different paced groups which are detailed below. If you are unsure which group would suit you best,please contact and we can give you some guidance.

Absolute beginners are only taken at certain times in the year (usually September/January/April) so please contact if you are interested in joining.

Please wear high viz top at all Fit4Life sessions.


Westside Library, Seamus Quirke Road, Galway


Every Monday and Thursday evening. 

Beginners can only start at certain times usually January, April and September.

What time?

Sessions start promptly at 7pm and last for about an hour.

Warm up session followed by jog/run and then a cool down session.

What are the groups

These are the different paces groups.  Please take into account your current fitness level when choosing your group.

Beginners Groups 7pm
Suitable for those who have never run before or are returning after a break
Pace: Walk/Jog
Distance: 5K

Improvers Groups 7pm
Continuous Running
Average Pace: 11.30 minutes/mile, 7.15mins/km
Distance: 5K

Intermediate Groups 7 pm
Average Pace: 10.30 minutes/mile, 6.30/km
Distance: 5K – 8K

Joggers Groups 7pm
Continuous Running
Average Pace: 9.30 minutes/mile, 6 minutes/km
Distance: 8K – 10K

Runners Groups 7pm
Continuous Running
Average Pace: 8.30 minutes/mile, 5.20 minutes/km

Can I try a session before I join?

You are welcome to come along and try a session before joining. Just come ten minutes early the first night.