Juveniles Outdoors Records

We’re really proud of all the great performances by our club members over the years and are keen to make sure we have taken all reasonable care to have the most accurate information possible. We recognise we might have missed something so, if you can add further information to any of our records, if you know of an improved performance or if you think you may have broken one of these records then please contact our club statistician on this email address: pro.gchjuvenile@gmail.com

Juveniles – All Girls Outdoors Records

100mLaura Ann Costello CBP12.34s2016
200mGemma Hynes 1st**25.40s2006
300mAlanna Lally 39.4s2012
400mAlanna Lally World Youth T&F55.15s2013
800mEmma Moore2:11.982018
1500mMaebh Brannigan (Irish Schools)4:40.552014
3000mAnn Moroney 4th10:53.602016
80mHLydia Doyle International Schools12.04s2016
100m HLydia Doyle CBP15.80s2017
400HSeren O'Toole 1st1:04.252019
HJHannah Delaney 2nd1.55m2003
LJChloe Casey 1st5.54m2019
TJOrla Ni Mhuircheartaigh 1st10.96m2001
ShotBrid Breathnach 1st10.631999
DiscusCliona Ni Cheallaigh 5th28.49s2009
JavelinSinead Cummins27.34m2001
TurboJavKara McLEane 16th16.32m2014
4x100mGCH 3rd51.25s2004
4x400mGCH (Hughes,Casey,O'Toole, Rowe, Moran)3:59.732019

Juveniles – All Boys Outdoors Records

100mCillian Greene 2nd10.96s2015
200mCillin Greene CBP22.05s2016
400mRobert McDonnell 9th EYOF48.42s2019
800mThomas McStay1:56.852018
1500mThomas McStay04:01.th2018
3000mThomas McStay8:43.252018
110mHJames Fleming 1st16.39s2014
400mHEvan McGuire 1st55.11s2012
HJBryan Kenechukwu Ndecro 2nd1.96m2015
LJDavid Mullin 1st6.58m2001
TJRichard Kamson 13.66m w2020
Richard Kamson 13.00m2019
ShotEanna O'Cathain 2nd [u18]14.00m2008
HammerBarry McCann54.48m1998
DiscusEanna O'Cathain 1st [u16]43.64m2006
JavelinMichael Breathnanch 3rd48.05m2005
TurboJavLouis Corr19.35m2014
Pole VaultEoghan Jennings 3rd3.00m2019
4x100mGCH 2nd (Diskin+3 unnamed)42.26s2009
4x400mGCH 4x400 1st (Cooney,Duffy,Hebron,WhyteMcGuire)3:27.252012

We have sourced these records from data held and maintained by Galway City Harriers, and from publicly available sources. If at any time you would rather we did not publish your name, on these records pages then please get in touch with us using our Contact Us page.