Membership Rules

The following Membership rules apply to all Members of Galway City Harriers Juvenile Section, whether they are existing Members or Prospective Members. Membership (including Membership Renewal) may be refused to any Member who does not comply in full with these rules or to a Prospective Member who does not agree to comply in full with these rules. Failure to abide by the Membership Rules will result in disciplinary action being taken.

  • All Members must read and understand the Club Code of Conduct for Young Athletes (available on the Club website), and adhere fully to it at all times.
  • All Members agree to abide by the Club Disciplinary process when invoked. A document outlining the Complaints and Disciplinary process adopted by Galway City Harriers can be found here.
  • All Members must train with, or under the supervision of, Galway City Harriers-approved Coaches. A full list of Galway City Harriers-approved coaches can be found here
  • Approved coaches may, following due consultation with an athlete and their parent or guardian, recommend that an athlete be coached by a coach not on the list of coaches approved by Galway City Harriers. A written record of any such arrangement must be maintained. These arrangements must be approved in advance by the Chairperson of the Juvenile Committee.
  • An unauthorised coach is a person who is not on the list of coaches approved by Galway City Harriers or who has not been recommended by a coach on that list to coach a particular athlete. Training with an unauthorised coach is a breach of the Membership Rules and may result in disciplinary action being taken. Any queries about this matter should be emailed to
  • All Members’ Annual Subscriptions must be paid in full and on time.