Membership Rules

The following are some basic Membership rules that apply to all Members of Galway City Harriers Juvenile Section, whether they are existing Members or Prospective Members. Membership (including Membership Renewal) may be refused to any Member or Prospective Member that does not comply in full with these rules.  

  • All Members must read and understand the Club Code of Conduct for Young Athletes (available on the Club website), and adhere fully to it at all times.
  • All Members agree to abide by the Club Disciplinary Process and the decisions of the Disciplinary Panel when invoked.
  • All Members / Athletes must attend training regularly at GCH-approved venues which are supervised by GCH-approved Coaches. Members who cannot attend these training sessions may apply to the club for a dispensation by emailing, and outlining their reasons. The Juvenile Committee (or an appointed sub committee) will make the final decision on whether to grant a dispensation. The Committee decision will be final, and it will not be incumbent upon the Committee to explain the decision. 
  • All Members’ Annual Subscriptions must be paid in full and on time.