TG4 Alex Lee documentary is a five-star gem

alex lee late late show

The story of GCH Blade Runner & Paris 2024 hopeful Alex Lee, to feature on TG4 on Wednesday the 18th January, as part of the Misneach series.

Filmed over 18 months, this documentary captures the incredible story of how former League of Ireland player Alex Lee became Ireland’s first blade runner.

In this awards season for the film industry, Sport TG4 TG4 Midas Productions and all the makers of this film surely deserve awards for what is a riveting, deep, heartfelt & wonderfully produced piece.

Full credit to Alex, his family, wife & friends from Brendan Glynn’s sprint group who were the stars; a highly recommended watch that all GCH members should try to see.

Here’s hoping Alex achieves his remaining dreams in the coming years!


Alex Lee saved one of his best performances yet for under the bright lights of RTE, Donnybrook, doing the club so proud when appearing on the iconic Late Late Show.

He presented himself & his story so well. Watched on by his family & a clearly engaged live audience, Alex elaborated on his story as detailed in the TG4 / Midas Productions documentary Misneach aired just two days earlier.
Clearly the screening has made a big impression.