Galway City Harriers Juvenile Relay Rules

  1. Age group coaches will be responsible for selecting, training and co-ordinating the
    teams.In relation to age groups that overlap in different training groups, e.g. Sprints/Hurdles
    and Middle Distance, their coaches will hold discussions to appoint a coach to lead
    each team. This will take place prior to run-offs.
  2. Teams will be selected in advance by way of run-offs. Run-offs will determine A and B
    teams and substitutes.
  3. Especially for younger age groups, sometimes coaches may use their discretion to use
    the results of more than one run-off if needed.
  4. Juvenile athletes training in the Senior group must be included and made aware of
    plans for relay selection. Communication with Juvenile athletes training with the Senior
    group will be conveyed to the athletes’ parents via the Juvnile Secretary only.
  5. The time and date of run-offs are to be agreed with coaches within the various groups.
    Notification is to be sent to parents to ensure interested athletes are present.
  6. It is imperative that all registered GCH athletes interested in participating in a relay have
    the opportunity to do so. This may require athletes to be part of a relay team with
    athletes from a different training group, which should be encouraged.
  7. To be eligible to compete in relays, athletes must have joined the club at least 12 weeks
    prior to competition and have attended training regularly since joining.
  8. Run offs should be organised on a club training day. A number of coaches from different
    age groups are required to act as starter, time keeper and finishing judges. Places,
    times and names should be recorded.
  9. It must be made clear to all athletes by the coach in charge what team they will be
    involved in, whether they are a runner or a sub.
  10. The coach(es) in charge will decide what order the team members will run in.
  11. Training will take place well in advance of competition to allow teams to get familiar with
    relay zones and baton change and become proficient in the skills required.
  12. Athletes and parents will be notified in advance of competition, giving the date and time,
    requesting confirmation that athletes will be in attendance at the event.
  13. Changes necessary in the run up to competition or on the day, due to absence, injury or
    illness, will be made only by the coach(es) in charge of the relay team.
  14. Coaches training athletes must be available on the day of competition to look after the
    team or have assigned another Coach.
  15. Final decisions to be made only by the team Coach in charge or the assigned coach.
  16. Interference by parents or outsiders in decision making will not be tolerated.
  17. Athletes cannot be on two teams in one age group, i.e., cannot be a sub on one team
    and run on the other.
  18. Make-up of teams may change between competitions within a season.
  19. Selection will be made separately for the indoor and outdoor seasons.
  20. Step-ups for U9-U11s at indoors should be avoided, as this could mean they are
    running two 200 m relays as well as individual events on one day. An exception can be
    made if someone is needed to make up a team and they aren’t on a team in their own
    age group.