National Title Winners

We’re really proud of all the great performances by our club members over the years and are keen to make sure we have taken all reasonable care to have the most accurate information possible. We recognise we might have missed something so, if you can add further information to any of our records, if you know of an improved performance or if you think you may have broken one of these records then please contact our club statistician on this email address:

Senior Women – National Title Winners

1984MarathonChristine Kennedy2:49.46
1989Inter Clubs XCChristine Kennedy25.56
1990MarathonChristine Kennedy2:38.05
1991MarathonChristine Kennedy2:35.56
1984JavelinKaren McGovern45.62

Senior Men – National Title Winners

1901Cross Country ClubsJJ Daly33:10
19023 MilesJJ Daly16:35
19024 MilesJJ Daly (Galway)21:59.8
1902MileJJ Daly (Galway)4:43.4
1903Cross Country ClubsJJ Daly35:53
1903Inter Club TeamGCH54 pts
1903MileJJ Daly (Galway)4:43.0
1904Cross Country ClubsJJ Daly37:32
1904Inter Club TeamGCH42pts
1905Cross Country ClubsTom Hynes47.27
1905Inter Club TeamGCH47pts
1905Inter County XCTom HynesNT
1906Cross Country ClubsJJ Daly45.46
19074 MilesTom Hynes21:37.0
1924MarathonJJ 'Jack' O'Reilly3:01.26
1925MarathonJJ 'Jack' O'Reilly2:56.04
1926MarathonJJ 'Jack' O'Reilly2:58.30
1927MarathonJJ 'Jack' O'Reilly2:55.01
1970MileBrian Geraghty NUIG4:13.0
19755000mJoe Scanlon14:08.4
197815 MilesJoe Scanlon1:16.30
1986Inter County XCPaul Donovan32.14
19901500mTony Spellman 3:46.89
19905000mPaul Donovan14:00.62
1992Inter County XCRichard Mulligan32.12
19935000mPaul Donovan14:36.95
1993MarathonSeamus O'Donnell2:23.38
1996MarathonSeamus O'Donnell2:25.41
1997MarathonSeamus O'Donnell2:29.08
200010k RoadGerry Ryan29.58s
200110k RoadGerry Ryan30.19s
200210k RoadGerry Ryan30.29s
2005Half MarathonGerry Ryan1:04.05
200710,000mGary Thornton29:57.06
2007MarathonMichael O'Connor2:25.48
2007JavelinMindaugas Kurcenkovas58.56m
2008MarathonMichael O'Connor2:20.47
2008Shot PuttSean Breathnach15.74m
201010,000mGary Thornton29:18.88
2010Shot PuttSean Breathnach16.31m
2011Shot PuttSean Breathnach16.24m
2012Shot PuttSean Breathnach15.85m
2013Shot PuttSean Breathnach15.60m
2014Shot PuttSean Breathnach16.27m
2015Shot PuttSean Breathnach17.63m
2016Shot PuttSean Breathnach17.34m
2018Shot PuttSean Breathnach17.53m
2015Weight for Distance 56lbsSean Breathnach7.90m
2016Weight for Distance 56lbsSean Breathnach7.87m
2016Weight for Height 56lbsSean Breathnach4.40m
2018Weight for Height 56lbsSean Breathnach3.90m
2018Weight for Distance 56lbsSean Breathnach8.25m
2019DecathlonMicheal Breathnach5032
201956lbs Weight for DistanceSean Breathnach8.27m
202056lbs Weight for DistanceSean Breathnach8.24m

Masters – National Title Winners

20121500m M45Paul Fallon4:43.24
2012Shot Putt M35Linas Mitkus13.82m
2012Discus M35Linas Mitkus45.01n
2014Long Jump M50Donie Duggan4.63m
2014800m M65Martin McEvilly2:28.76
20141500m M65Martin McEvilly5:24.97
20145000m M65Martin McEvilly20:10.60
2014Javelin M35Sean Breathnach42.74m
2014Discus M35Sean Breathnach42.58m
2014Shot Putt 7.26m M35Sean Breathnach15.93m
201456lbs Weight for Distance M35Sean Breathnach7.72m
201556lbs Weight for Distance M35Sean Breathnach8.43m
2015Shot Putt 7.26m M35Sean Breathnach16.99m
2015Discus M35Sean Breathnach45.72m
2016Discus M35Sean Breathnach46.54m
201656lbs Weight for Distance M35Sean Breathnach7.81m
2016Javelin M35Sean Breathnach42.80m
2016Discus M40Linas Mitkus46.43m
2016Shot Putt 7.26m M40Linas Mitkus13.43m
20175000m M65Martin McEvilly20:36.40
2018800m M70Martin McEvilly2:46.75
20181500m M70Martin McEvilly5:53.85
2018Discus M35Sean Breathnach45.41m
2018Shot Putt 7.26m M45Linas Mitkus14.11m
2018Discus M45Linas Mitkus43.71m
2018Shot Putt 7.26m M35Sean Breathnach15.43m
201856lbs Weight for Distance M35Sean Breathnach8.03m
2019400m M45Jim Phelan53.57s
20194x400mRelay WGCH 4:32.36
2019Discus M35Brendan Staunton34.75m
2019Shot Putt 7.26mSean Breathnach15.32m
2019Discus M40Sean Breathnach42.69m
2019Javelin M40Sean Breathnach40.37m
201956lbs Weight for Distance M40Sean Breathnach8.04m
202056lbs Weight for DistanceSean Breathnach8.29m
2020Hurdles W45Linda Nally15.93
20201500m W40Kathryn Casserly4:58.80

Under 23s – National Title Winners

1993u23 800mShane Daly1:52.23
2014u23 800mKeith Fallon1:55.36
1987u23 1500mAnthony Spellman3:49.71
1999u23 Shot PuttSean Breathnach15.36m
2000u23 DiscusSean Breathnach40.56m
1999u23 JavelinSean Breathnach47.98m
199935lbs Weight for DistanceSean Breathnach10.18m
200035lbs Weight for DistanceSean Breathnach9.99m
20075000mOrla Ni Mhuircheartaigh17:56.84
20125000mNicola Ni Cheilligh18:53.14
20123000m SteeplechaseIrene Gorman11:26.39

Juniors – National Title Winners

2020400mRobert McDonnell48.66s
19821500mPaul Donovan (Pearse)4:01.96
19983000mGary Thornton8:47.41
2020400m HurdlesConor Hoade56.78s
1990Triple JumpColin Casey13.87m
2020Triple JumpRichard Kamson13.66m
200835lbs Weight for DistanceEanna O'Cathain8.11m
1900XC Inter Club 6 MilesThomas T Hamilton32.49
1901XC Inter Club 6 MilesThomas T Hamilton34:17
1900XC Inter Club TeamsGalway City Harriers58
1901XC Inter Club TeamsGalway City Harriers33
1904XC Inter Club TeamsGalway City Harriers45
2017XC Inter Club TeamsGalway City Harriers62
1980XC Individual Inter CountyPaul Donovan (Pearse)nt
2005200mKatie Lydon24.73s
2020Seren O'TooleSeren O'Toole1:04.88
2014HammerEmma O'Hara56.38m
20034x100 RelayGalway City Harriers49.94s
20194x400m RelayGalway City Harriers4:00.78

Under 19s – National Title Winners

2017100mJack Dempsey11.01s
2013400mEvan Maguire 49.07s
20173000mEanna Folan8:55.71
2013400mHurdlesEvan Maguire 54.45 CBP
20144x100m RelayGalway City Harriers44.39s
20154x100m RelayGalway City Harriers43.88s
20164x100m RelayGalway City Harriers42.69s
20174x100m RelayGalway City Harriers44.78s
20164x400m RelayGalway City Harriers3:31.39
2006100mGemma Hynes12.38s
2006200mGemma Hynes25.40s
2016200mNicole King25.57s
2011400mTara Hession59.08s
2014400mAlanna Lally56.64s
2014800mAlanna Lally2:17.33
20044x400m RelayGalway City Harriers 4:28.94s
20144x400m RelayGalway City Harriers4:12.30
20194x100m RelayGalway City Harriers51.19s
20194x400m RelayGalway City Harriers4:20.04

Under 18s – National Title Winners

2015200mCillin Greene21.88s
2016200mJack Dempsey22.17s
19973000mGary Thornton8:56.53
2012400mHurdlesEvan Maguire 55.11s
2001Long JumpDavid Mullen6.58m
2008DiscusEanna O'Cathain43.37s
20004x100m RelayGCH45.45s
20134x100m RelayGCH44.49s
20154x100m RelayGCH43.53s
20164x100m RelayGCH43.90s
20024x400m RelayGCH3:39.99
20094x400m RelayGCH3:31.63
20114x400m RelayGCH3:33.51
2005100mKatie Lydon12.22s
2005200mKatie Lydon25.14s
2016200mNicole King25.57s
2005300mKatie Lydon40.26s
2016400mNicole King56.81s
1994800mTracy Murphy2:17.60
2008300m HurdlesRebecca Nolan45.42s
2019400m HurdlesSeren O'Toole1:04.05
2019Long JumpChloe Casey5.46m
20054x100m RelayGCH50.34s
20094x100m RelayGCH51.09s
20024x300m RelayGCH3:00.95
20054x300m RelayGCH2:52.22
20094x300m RelayGCH3:03.38
20134x400m RelayGCH4:16.30
20164x400m RelayGCH4:08.39
20194x100m RelayGCH51.54s
20194x400m RelayGCH3:59.73

Under 17s – National Title Winners

19833000mAnthony Spellman8:43.3s
2011300m HurdlesEvan McGuire39.40s
2000Long JumpD Mullen6.41m
2007Shot PuttEanna O'Cathain13.11m
1998HammerBarry McCann54.48m
20124x100m RelayGCH46.09s
20134x100m RelayGCH45.92s
20194x100m RelayGCH44.82s
19994x400m RelayGCH3:39.1s
20124x400m RelayGCH3:45.07
20174x400m RelayGCH3:40.30
2004200mGemma Hynes25.60s
2012400mAlanna Lally56.83s
2019400mEimear Rowe57.96s
2012800mAlanna Lally2:15.16
2016100mHurdlesLydia Doyle14.64s
2018300mHurdlesSeren O'Toole45.92s
20024x100m RelayGCH 50.76s
20064x100m RelayGCH 52.19s
20124x100m RelayGCH 49.82s
20154x100m RelayGCH 50.52s
20094x300m RelayGCH3:20.24
20104x300m RelayGCH3:08.6H
20124x400m RelayGCH4:17.79

Under 16s – National Title Winners

19983000mLiam Casey4:04.71
2019100mHurdlesConor Hoade13.73s
2019250mHurdlesConor Hoade31.81s
2006Discus 1kgEanna O'Cathain43.64s
20094x100m RelayGCH47.72s
2016DiscusDaragh Jennings42.95m
20194x100m RelayGCH47.02s
19984x400m Relaygch3:41.3
19994x400m Relaygch3:39.1s
2019Combined EventsConor Hoade4146 CBP
2017Cross Country TeamGCH133
2003100m Katie Lydon12.61s
2012100mLaura Ann Costello12.44s
2003200mGemma Hynes25.57s
1978800mN Flaherty2:17.8
2007800mRachel Shaw2:16.70
2011800mAlanna Lally2:15.50
20111500mAlanna Lally4:45.7
2001Triple JumpOrla Ni Mhuircheartaigh10.96m
20024x100m RelayGCH51.1H
20034x100m RelayGCH49.40s
20154x100m RelayGCH50.29s
19964x300m RelayGCH2:52.6H

Under 15s – National Title Winners

100m100m B ChampionshipsChristian Ogbemudia11.89s
200780mHurdlesSimon Callaghan12.55s
2002100mGemma Hynes13.02s
2011100mLaura Ann Costello12.53s
2002200mGemma Hynes25.59s
2011200mLaura Ann Costello25.35s
2010800mAlanna Lally2:18.09
2018800mEmma Moore2:11.98
19771500mN O'Flaherty4:46
20101500mAlanna Lally4:47.9
2016250mHurdlesSeren O'Toole36.10s
2002Long JumpGemma Hynes4.99m
1999Shot PuttBrid Breathnach10.63m
1978Javelin 400gB Fitzsimons33.70m
20024x100m RelayGCH51.65s
20064x100m RelayGCH50.90s
2009Cross countryAlanna Lally

Under 14s – National Title Winners

2005High JumpAlan Campbell1.61m
2010200mLaura Ann Costello26.07s
2017200mEmma Moore26.18s
2017800mEmma Moore2:17.65
201575m HurdlesSeren O'Toole 11.25s
2009Cross CountryAlanna Lally

Under 13s – National Title Winners

200880mSimon O'Shaughnessy10.45s
2008Cross CountryColm Hughes
2016600mEmma Moore1:37.50
200960m HurdlesLaura Ann Costello10.10s

Under 12s – National Title Winners

201960m B ChampionshipsJack Barry8.67s
2014Long JumpLouis Corr4.52m
2007Cross CountryColm Hughes
1998Cross Country TeamGCH 127
2015600mEmma Moore 1:42.30
2000Long JumpGemma Hynes4.49m
20104x100m RelayGCH 57.29s

Under 11s – National Title Winners

20134x100Relay GirlsGCH59.42s

Under 10s – National Title Winners

20024x50m GirlsGCH32.68s

We have sourced these records from data held and maintained by Galway City Harriers, and from publicly available sources. If at any time you would rather we did not publish your name, on these records pages then please get in touch with us using our Contact Us page.