Level 5 Restrictions and Fit4Life Challenge


Galway City Harriers are very disappointed that we cannot hold training sessions for our adult members under Level 5 Restrictions.  We have all been very grateful for the opportunity to train together over the past few weeks and months.  Thank you to everyone who came along to the sessions in Dangan.

Juvenile Training is continuing, with details of sessions being posted on the GCH Juvenile facebook page and usual channels.

There is also an exemption for Elite Runners and we are currently getting clarification on athletes who will be included in this.

New Members

We have over sixty members who have renewed or joined us in the past two months and you are all very welcome. 

The Club had very much hoped that we could have continued to hold sessions as permitted under Level 3 and Level 4, but as you are aware it is not possible under the current restrictions.

Training Plans

Coaches Brian and Jerome will continue to post training plans and sessions over the coming weeks to keep you motivated and on track.  This will start with a 3km Time Trial in the next few days which will be repeated later so you can be amazed by the improvements in your times.

There is a WhatsApp group for members following Jerome’s Marathon Training programme and another one for those Brian’s Training Group, if you would like to be included in either of those please let us know.  galwaycityharriersac@gmail.com

Fit4Life Challenge

We have over 190 members signed up Fit4Life and booking their sessions on Team App.  It has been fantastic to see all the High Viz jackets back on the road.  While we would much rather train as a group we are encouraging everyone to “keep it going’ over the next six weeks.  Your future self will thank you!

To keep you motivated and on track over the next six weeks, we are setting up a Fit4Life Challenge.  We want you to sign up to this Event on Team App today.

  • Sign up for Six Week Challenge on Team App today – “Challenge Accepted!”
  • Sign up for every run/workout you complete, three per week

To complete the six week challenge, We want you to continue to run on Mondays and Thursdays, as you have been doing, and we are adding in a Strength and Conditioning/Core Workout (S&C) or a walk for you to complete over the weekend.

The S&C/Core workouts are guided by Miriam Wall, GCH Club member who did a six week series for Salthill Knocknacarra during the last lockdown.  They are 45/60 minutes in duration. Miriam is happy for us to share them with GCH Members, and now seems like a perfect time.

If this session does not suit you, just go for a 45/60 minutes walk instead.

This is the weekly schedule with a new workout each weekend.

Runners12K10KWorkout or Walk
Fast Joggers10K8KWorkout or Walk
Intermediates8K6KWorkout or Walk
Improvers6K5KWorkout or Walk
Beginners5K/45 mins5K/45 minsWorkout or Walk

There will be session set up for on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm and you sign up as “I am going” when you commit to each run.

You can, of course, complete the run and workout whenever it suits you and run a different distance but this will give you some accountability as we can all see who is doing them!

Take this opportunity to make an commitment to yourself and your physical and mental health and get up and keep going during the lockdown.

You can run solo within 5 km of your home and within Government guidelines.

“It is possible to meet with 1 other household in an outdoor setting which is not a home or garden, such as a park, including for exercise.” –gov.ie

Any questions about the Fit4Life Challenge gchfit4lifebooking@gmail.com

Any help/advice regarding training feel free to contact Bernie Kelly  by email berniepkelly@hotmail.com or phone 086 8253661

The  ‘comment’ option has been turned on for all sessions on Team App so please feel free to add any comments, motivational tips and advice for your fellow Fit4Lifers to keep them going.

Run Safe

These are challenging times, but as runners we are so lucky to be able to continue to get out there to go for a run, it is so important to keep moving and stay fit for the body and mind.

  • Run Safe
  • Wear your high viz
  • Keep your distance
  • Run 5km from home
  • Run Happy