Coaching Courses

All our existing coaches and leaders are providing their time and expertise on a totally voluntary basis and it is important that we as Club Members support them and help out where we can.

Two ways we can do this is by:

  1. offering the Coaches ongoing training and an opportunity to improve their skills and
  2. by providing help in the way of additional coaches who can assist them at training and support them.

To this end, the Club is looking at organising some Coaching Training Course with Athletics Ireland to build on the expertise and skills of our Coaching Team and to train up new coaches.

If you are interested in any coaching training, please contact us so we can get the courses set up.

We would welcome volunteers who are interested in volunteering across all areas of the Club.

  • Senior and Juvenile
  • Sprints Coaches
  • Endurance Coaches
  • Field Coaches
  • Fit4Life Leaders

New Coaches

If you a Club Member or a parent of a Juvenile Athletes who would like to become coach or leader in any section of GCH there are a number of steps to getting involved.

  • Attend Child Welfare & Protection in Sport Course.
  • Get yourself Garda Vetted by your club.
  • Start coaching with the Club
  • Attend Workshops which provide ‘stepping stones’ between these courses and are joint initiatives between Coaching and Development and the National Event Co-ordinators.

Existing Coaches

Any coaches who are interested in completing in further coaching training and please let us know and we will facilitate this where we can.

There is more information on the Athletics Ireland Coaching Structure here.

Athletics Ireland Coach Education Programme

It is important for GCH for new coaches to come on board and get involved, as coaches are not made overnight.  Training new coaches and getting them on board will provide back up and assistance to the existing coaches and build on the success of the Club into the future.

If you are interested in any coaching training, please contact us so we can get the courses set up.