Fit4Life Training Times

Fit4Life to resume from 10th May 2021

Fit4Life is recreational running and is suitable for those who enjoy running regularly and also for those new to running.

We are delighted that we can resume training as a group again.

We will have different meeting points around the Westside to ensure we do not have any large numbers congregating.

  1. Book all sessions online using TeamApp
  2. Maintain social distancing during training at all times.
  3. Carry a bottle of hand sanitiser and use regularly.
  4. If using equipment wipe clean before and after use with an appropriate cleaning agent.
  5. Do not attend training in your club if you feel unwell or are displaying any Covid symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath or loss of smell or taste.  


Westside, Galway

Different meeting points between Westside Library and Running Track for each group  


Every Monday and Thursday evening.

Beginners can only start at certain times usually January, April and September.

What time?

Sessions start at 7pm and last for about an hour.

Warm up session followed by jog/run and then a cool down session.

What are the groups?

These are the different paces groups.  We will have more than one group for each pace.  Please take into account your current fitness level when choosing your group.

Beginners Groups

Suitable for those who have never run before or are returning after a break
Pace: Walk/Jog
Distance: 5K

Intermediate Groups

Continuous Running
Average Pace: 10 minutes/mile, 6.15/km
Distance: 6K – 8K

Runners Groups

Continuous Running
Average Pace: 8 minutes/mile, 5 minutes/km
Distance: 8K -10K

Improvers Groups

Continuous Running
Average Pace: 11 minutes/mile, 7mins/km
Distance: 5K

Fast Joggers Groups

Continuous Running
Average Pace: 9 minutes/mile, 5.30 minutes/km
Distance: 8K – 10K

How do I book my session?

Once you are registered with the Club you can ask to join Team App where you can book your session.

If you have any problems with booking contact or require any further information