Meet the Coaches

Philomena Greene


Philomena Greene is GCH Child protection officer and designated liaison officer and along side this massive undertaking she gets to enjoy the coaching side of things in the great company and mentorship of Head Coach PJ Coyle .

Phil’s comes from an holistic background having studied Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and is a qualified Massage and sport injury therapist . Phil’s own experience in the sport is as a sprinter.

Phil has obtained AAI Assisant level and level 1 which covers knowledge in all events, she is currently learning all there is of Middle distance with Pj and keeping in touch with her sprints / jumps within other groups..

Phil often says I’m a Jack of all Trades and master of none but like all athletes putting in the time and effort to learn will ultimately reap the reward! Everyday is a learning day for both athletes and coaches alike and she is enjoying dipping her toe into the world of Middle distance while keeping a foot in the blocks ..

Level 2 is calling and she is spoilt for choice but having seen the master at work she is looking forward to obtaining level 2 Middle distance AAI certification .